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Results Dates Autumn 2023

Listed in alphabetical order

QualQualification DescriptionStudy PeriodResult Release Date (All results released at 4pm)
BMBBMedicine2, 3 and 416-Aug-23
VSEUVSEU - Modules CP4006 and CP4007only116-Aug-23
BMBBGMedicine (Graduate Entry)1, 2 and 316-Aug-23
MEDMM Ed (Modular)1, 2 and 318-Aug-23
MEDMODM Ed (Modular)1, 2, 3, 4 and 618-Aug-23
MEDPADProfessional MEduc (Art & Design)218-Aug-23
MEDPFProfessional Master of Education1 and 218-Aug-23
PDELPostgrad Dip Educ Leadership118-Aug-23
PDIDTPG Dip Innovation Trough Design Thinking118-Aug-23
CTLHEPg Cert in Teach & Learning in Higher Ed1 and 218-Aug-23
PDTLHEPDip in Teaching & Learning in Higher Ed1 and 218-Aug-23
BSCOTBSc (Occupational Therapy)1, 2, 3 and 421-Aug-23
BSCPHSBSc (Public Health Sciences)1, 2, 3 and 421-Aug-23
BSCSLTBSc (Speech and Language Therapy)2, 3 and 421-Aug-23
BSCSHBSc (Speech and Hearing Sciences)321-Aug-23
MFSTHNMSc (Human Nutrition and Dietetics)1 and 222-Aug-23
MPHMaster of Public Health1 and 222-Aug-23
MSCHANMSc (Human Anatomy)122-Aug-23
MDPHMaster of Dental Public Health122-Aug-23
MSCOHLMSc (Occupational Health)1 and 222-Aug-23
PCHPEPg Cert in Health Professions' Education122-Aug-23
BSCANBSc (Neuroscience)323-Aug-23
BSCBBSc (Biological Sciences)223-Aug-23
BSCBTBSc (Biotechnology)3 and 423-Aug-23
BSCCFSBSc (Chemistry with Forensic Science)2, 3 and 423-Aug-23
BSCCHBSc (Chemistry)2, 3 and 423-Aug-23
BSCCPCBSc (Chem. of Pharm. Cpds.)2 and 323-Aug-23
BSCCPYBSc (Chemical Physics)223-Aug-23
BSCGNBSc (Genetics)2, 3 and 423-Aug-23
BSCMBBSc (Microbiology)3 and 423-Aug-23
BSCOBSc (Non Degree)123-Aug-23
BSCPLBSc (Physiology)423-Aug-23
BSCSEDBSc (Science Education)2 and 323-Aug-23
MSCACMMSc (Analytical Chemistry)123-Aug-23
MSCBCBMSc (Bioinformatics and Comp Biology)123-Aug-23
MSCBTYMSc (Biotechnology)123-Aug-23
MSCCMPMSc (Anal of Pharmaceutical Compounds)123-Aug-23
MSCMCBMSc (Molecular Cell Biology)123-Aug-23
BSCMFMBSc (Math Sc) Financial Mathematics2, 3 and 423-Aug-23
BSCMJHBSc (Mathematical Sc) Joint Hons2, 3 and 423-Aug-23
BSCMSHBSc (Mathematical Sc) Single Hons2, 3 and 423-Aug-23
BSCPBSc (Physics) Single Honours2 and 323-Aug-23
BSCPJBSc (Phys & Math Sci) - Joint Honours3 and 423-Aug-23
BSCPYABSc (Astrophysics)3 and 423-Aug-23
BSCRASBSc (Risk & Actuarial Studies)3 and 423-Aug-23
MSCFCMMSc (Financial & Computational Maths)123-Aug-23
MSCMMLMSc (Math Modelling & Machine Learning)123-Aug-23
BFAGRAgricultural Science2 and 323-Aug-23
BSCESMBSc (Env Sc with Env Mgt)323-Aug-23
BSCRBLBSc (BEES) Applied Plant Biology323-Aug-23
BSCREBBSc (BEES) - Ecology & Env Biology2 and 323-Aug-23
BSCRERBSc (BEES) Earth Sc423-Aug-23
BSCRESBSc (BEES) Environmental Sc3 and 423-Aug-23
BSCRGLBSc (BEES) Geology3 and 423-Aug-23
BSCRGSBSc (BEES) Int Field Geosciences423-Aug-23
BSCRZYBSc (BEES) Zoology2, 3 and 423-Aug-23
MSCAGSMSc (Applied Environmental Geoscience)123-Aug-23
MSCBTYMSc (Biotechnology)123-Aug-23
MSCFQMMSc (Freshwater Quality & Assessment)223-Aug-23
PDFQMPg Dip Freshwater Quality & Assessment223-Aug-23
BSCBCBSc (Biochemistry)3 and 422-Aug-23
BFDSCTBSc (Food Science and Technology)3 and 424-Aug-23
BFDSTBSc (Food Science and Technology)224-Aug-23
BFNSBSc (Nutritional Sciences)1, 2, 3 and 424-Aug-23
BFSBSc (Food Science)1, 2, 3 and 424-Aug-23
MFSTFSMSc (Food Science)124-Aug-23
MFSTMBMSc (Food Microbiology)124-Aug-23
MSCMBYMSc (Marine Biology)124-Aug-23
PDNTPg Dip Nutritional Sciences124-Aug-23
BFAGRAgricultural Science124-Aug-23
BSCBFBSc (Biological and Chemical Sciences)124-Aug-23
BSCCMBSc (Chemical Sciences)124-Aug-23
BSCGNBSc (Genetics)124-Aug-23
BSCMSBSc (Mathematical Sciences)124-Aug-23
BSCPYBSc (Physics and Astrophysics)124-Aug-23
BSCRBSc (Biological, Earth & Env Sciences)124-Aug-23
BEGBE (Engineering)124-Aug-23
BECSEBE (Civil, Struct & Environ Engineering)224-Aug-23
BEELBE (Electrical & Electronic Engineering)224-Aug-23
BENRGBE (Energy Engineering)224-Aug-23
BEPBE (Process and Chemical Engineering)224-Aug-23
BECSEBE (Civil, Struct & Environ Engineering)3 and 424-Aug-23
CEMBPBE (ME Pathway (Civil))424-Aug-23
BEELBE (Electrical & Electronic Engineering)3 and 424-Aug-23
EEMBPBE (ME Pathway (Electrical))424-Aug-23
BENRGBE (Energy Engineering)3 and 424-Aug-23
NEMBPBE (ME Pathway (Energy))424-Aug-23
BEPBE (Process and Chemical Engineering)3 and 424-Aug-23
PEMBPBE (ME Pathway (Process))424-Aug-23
MEPEME (Process and Chemical Engineering)524-Aug-23
MENMECM Eng Sc (Mechanical Engineering - MPAS)124-Aug-23
MENSEMEngSc (Sustainable Energy)124-Aug-23
HDSENTH Dip in Sustainability in Enterprise124-Aug-23
PDPBEPg Dip in Pharmaceutical & Biopharm Eng224-Aug-23
BABFEBA (Business and Financial Economics)225-Aug-23
BAECNBA (Economics)1, 2 and 325-Aug-23
BAECNIBA (Economics) International2, 3 and 425-Aug-23
BSCACBSc (Accounting)1, 2, 3 and 425-Aug-23
BSCAOBSc (Accounting) (Non Degree)125-Aug-23
BSCFBSc (Finance)1, 2, 3 and 425-Aug-23
BSCFOBSc (Finance) - Non Degree125-Aug-23
BSCIBSc (Business Information Systems)1, 2, 3 and 425-Aug-23
BCOMBComm1, 2, 3 and 425-Aug-23
BCOMCHBComm (International) with Chinese Stds.2 and 325-Aug-23
BCOMFRBComm (International) with French2, 3 and 425-Aug-23
BCOMGEBComm (International) with German2, 3 and 425-Aug-23
BCOMHSBComm (International) with Hispanic St1, 2, 3 and 425-Aug-23
BCOMIRBComm (International) and Irish2 and 325-Aug-23
BCOMITBComm (International) with Italian2, 3 and 425-Aug-23
BFDFPBSc (Int Development & Food Policy)425-Aug-23
BFMBSc (Food Marketing & Entrepreneurship)1, 2 and 325-Aug-23
BSCIBLBSc (Int Business with Languages)125-Aug-23
BSCIDTBSc (International Development)1, 2 and 325-Aug-23
MCACMaster of Accounting128-Aug-23
MSCBECMSc (Business Economics)128-Aug-23
MSCBRMMSc (Finance (Banking & Risk Mgt))128-Aug-23
MSCDDBMSc (Design & Dev of Digital Business)128-Aug-23
MSCFBIMSc (Food Business and Innovation)128-Aug-23
MSCFCFMSc (Finance (Corporate Finance))128-Aug-23
MSCFIAMSc (Finance (Investment and Asset Mgt))128-Aug-23
MSCFSMMSc (Food Security Policy & Management)128-Aug-23
MSCHRMMSc (Human Resource Management)128-Aug-23
MSCIASMSc (Business Info & Analytics Systems)128-Aug-23
MSCISPMSc (Info Systems for Business)128-Aug-23
MSCMGMSc (Management and Marketing)128-Aug-23
MSCMIMMSc (Management Information & Acc Sys)128-Aug-23
MSCSMPMSc (Strategic Marketing and Practice)128-Aug-23
BAFXBA (Film and Screen Media)228-Aug-23
BAFXIBA (Film and Screen Media) International228-Aug-23
BAINTJBA (International) Joint Honours228-Aug-23
BAINTMBA (International) Major Honours228-Aug-23
BAJBA (Joint Honours)228-Aug-23
BAMBA (Major)228-Aug-23
BAMUSJBA (Arts Music - Joint Honours)228-Aug-23
BAMUSMBA (Arts Music - Major)228-Aug-23
BAOBA (Non Degree)228-Aug-23
BASBA (Single Honours)228-Aug-23
UPDSUgrad Professional Development129-Aug-23
BDSBDS1, 2, 3, 4 and 529-Aug-23
BDSGBDS (Graduate Entry)2, 3 and 429-Aug-23
BPHARMPharmacy1, 2, 3 and 429-Aug-23
BSCMHSBSc (Medical and Health Sciences)1, 2, 3 and 429-Aug-23
DDHDiploma Dental Hygiene129-Aug-23
DDNDiploma Dental Nursing1 and 229-Aug-23
MPHARMMaster of Pharmacy129-Aug-23
MSCCPMSc in Clinical Pharmacy129-Aug-23
MSCPTQMSc (Pharmaceutical Techn & Quality Sys)1 and 229-Aug-23
PDPRSPg Dip in Pharmaceutical Regulatory Sc129-Aug-23
UMCRMUniversity Microcredential - Medicine129-Aug-23
BACRMIBA (Criminology) International429-Aug-23
BAENIBA (English) International429-Aug-23
BAEYCSBA (Early Years and Childhood Studies)229-Aug-23
BAFXBA (Film and Screen Media)329-Aug-23
BAFXIBA (Film and Screen Media) International3 and 429-Aug-23
BAGASIBA (Geog & Arch Sc) - International329-Aug-23
BAINTJBA (International) Joint Honours3 and 429-Aug-23
BAINTMBA (International) Major Honours3 and 429-Aug-23
BAINTSBA (International) Single Honours3 and 429-Aug-23
BAJBA (Joint Honours)329-Aug-23
BAMBA (Major)329-Aug-23
BAMUIJBA (Arts Music - International) Joint329-Aug-23
BAMUIMBA (Arts Music - International) Major329-Aug-23
BAMUISBA (Arts Music - International) Single329-Aug-23
BAMUSJBA (Arts Music - Joint Honours)329-Aug-23
BAMUSMBA (Arts Music - Major)329-Aug-23
BAMUSSBA (Arts Music - Single Honours)329-Aug-23
BAOBA (Non Degree)329-Aug-23
BASBA (Single Honours)329-Aug-23
BAEYCBA (Early Years and Childhood Studies)330-Aug-23
BAEYCSBA (Early Years and Childhood Studies)130-Aug-23
BAPBA (Applied Psychology)1, 2 and 330-Aug-23
BAPCBA (Psychology and Computing)1, 2 and 330-Aug-23
BAPCWBA (Psych & Computing) Work Experience430-Aug-23
BEDSSBEd Sports Studies & Physical Education1, 2, 3 and 430-Aug-23
BSOCSocial Science1, 2 and 330-Aug-23
BSOCISocial Science (International)2 and 330-Aug-23
BSWSocial Work1, 2, 3 and 430-Aug-23
BYCWBSocSc (Youth and Community Work)1, 2 and 330-Aug-23
DCLINPDoctor of Clinical Psychology1, 2 and 330-Aug-23
HDPSYH Dip Psychology430-Aug-23
HDSOCPHigher Diploma in Social Policy1 and 230-Aug-23
MSOCSPM Soc Science (Social Policy)130-Aug-23
MSWKM Soc Work1 and 230-Aug-23
PDAMLPostgrad Dip in Ancient Med Languages130-Aug-23
PDSWSPostgrad Dip Social Work Studies130-Aug-23
BAAYBA (Anthropology)2 and 330-Aug-23
BACRMBA (Criminology)2 and 330-Aug-23
BACRMIBA (Criminology) International2 and 330-Aug-23
BADHBA (Digital Humanities & Info Tech)2 and 330-Aug-23
BADHIBA (Digital Humanities) International330-Aug-23
BADHWBA (Digital Humanities) Work Experience2 and 430-Aug-23
BAENBA (English)2 and 330-Aug-23
BAENIBA (English) International2 and 330-Aug-23
BAGASBA (Geographical & Archaeological Sc)2 and 330-Aug-23
BAWLBA (World Languages)2, 3 and 430-Aug-23
BSCGOVBSc Government430-Aug-23
BSCGPSBSc Government and Political Science1, 2, 3 and 430-Aug-23
BAAYBA (Anthropology)131-Aug-23
BAAYIBA (Anthropology) International331-Aug-23
BACRMBA (Criminology)131-Aug-23
BADHBA (Digital Humanities & Info Tech)131-Aug-23
BAENBA (English)131-Aug-23
BAFXBA (Film and Screen Media)131-Aug-23
BAINTBA (International)131-Aug-23
BAMUSBA (Arts Music)131-Aug-23
BAMUSSBA (Arts Music - Single Honours)231-Aug-23
BATPBA (Theatre & Performative Practices)1 and 231-Aug-23
BATPIBA (Theatre & Performative Prac - Intl)231-Aug-23
BATPISBA (Theatre & Perform Prac - Int) Single331-Aug-23
BATPSBA (Theatre & Perform Pract) - Single331-Aug-23
BAWLBA (World Languages)131-Aug-23
BEDGABEd (Gaeilge)1, 2 and 331-Aug-23
DSOCSCDoctor of Social Science231-Aug-23
UPDACACSSS, Professional Development131-Aug-23
VSNEUVisiting NonEU131-Aug-23
VSUSJYA Visiting Students131-Aug-23
DASOCDiploma in Arts and Social Sciences131-Aug-23
HDAARHigher Diploma in Arts - Archaeology131-Aug-23
HDAFLHigher Diploma in Arts - Folklore131-Aug-23
HDAGGHigher Diploma in Arts - Geography1 and 231-Aug-23
HDAHSHigher Diploma in Arts - Spanish131-Aug-23
HDAITHigher Diploma in Arts - Italian131-Aug-23
HDAMHigher Diploma in Arts - Music131-Aug-23
HDPSYH Dip Psychology1 and 231-Aug-23
HDSPTHIgher Diploma in Spanish for Teaching231-Aug-23
MAAPMA (Applied Psychology)131-Aug-23
MAAPMHMA in Applied Psych (Mental Health)131-Aug-23
MAAPPPMA in Applied Psych (Positive Coaching)131-Aug-23
MAASMA (Asian Studies)131-Aug-23
MAEMIMA (Early and Medieval Irish)131-Aug-23
MAGCLMA (Global Cultures and Languages)131-Aug-23
MAHLSTMA Health and Society231-Aug-23
MAILELMA (Irish Language and European Law)131-Aug-23
MAIMFMA (Irish Mythology and Folklore)131-Aug-23
MAWOBMA (Work and Organisational Behaviour)1 and 231-Aug-23
MSCICPMSc Integrative Coun & Psychotherapy1, 2 and 331-Aug-23
MSCCMMMSc in Applied Coastal Marine Mgt131-Aug-23
BCLBCL2 and 31-Sep-23
BCLBBCL (Law and Business)1, 2, 3, and 41-Sep-23
BCLCBCL (Clinical)31-Sep-23
BCLFBCL (Law and French)1, 3 and 41-Sep-23
BCLGABCL (Law and Irish)1, 2, 3 and 41-Sep-23
BCLIBCL (International)2, 3 and 41-Sep-23
BCLOBCL (Non Degree)1 and 21-Sep-23
BCLPBCL (Pathways)11-Sep-23
DCLAWDiploma in Common Law11-Sep-23
DLAWDiploma in Law21-Sep-23
EBCLEvening Law1, 2, 3 and 41-Sep-23
LLBLLB1, 2, 3 and 41-Sep-23
LLMBLLLM (Business Law)11-Sep-23
LLMCRFLLM (Children's Rights and Family Law)11-Sep-23
LLMENRLLM (Environment & Natural Resource Law)1 and 21-Sep-23
LLMIHRLLM (Int Human Rights Law & Pub Policy)11-Sep-23
LLMMMLLM (Marine and Maritime Law)11-Sep-23
LLMOLLM (Non Degree)11-Sep-23
HDLGSHDip in Languages & Global Software11-Sep-23
MAAMCPMA (Arts Mgt and Creative Producing)11-Sep-23
MACRIMMA (Criminology)11-Sep-23
MACWEMA (Creative Writing) (English)11-Sep-23
MADAHMA (Digital Arts and Humanities)11-Sep-23
MAEMLMA English (Modernities - Literature)11-Sep-23
MAEMUSMA (Ethnomusicology)11-Sep-23
MAETCMA English (Texts & Contexts)11-Sep-23
MAINTRMA (International Relations)11-Sep-23
MALHIMA (Local History)11-Sep-23
MAMCLHMA in Music & Cultural History11-Sep-23
MAMEHIMA (Medieval History)21-Sep-23
MASCMA (Sociology)11-Sep-23
MASSGMA (Sociology of Sustainabilty)11-Sep-23
MASSTMA (Strategic Studies)1 and 21-Sep-23
MATSMA (Translation Studies)11-Sep-23
MPLPSDMPlan (Planning and Sustainable Dev)1 and 21-Sep-23
MSCGVPMSc (Government and Politics)11-Sep-23
MSCIPPMSc (International Public Policy)11-Sep-23
BSCNUBSc (Nursing Studies)14-Sep-23
DMSOMCDip in Military Special Ops Medical Care14-Sep-23
HDMWFHigher Diploma in Midwifery14-Sep-23
MMEDSEMMedSc (Sports and Exercise Medicine)14-Sep-23
MRESMMaster of Research1 and 24-Sep-23
MSCANMMSc (Advanced Pract) (Nursing/Midwifery)1 and 24-Sep-23
MSCAPNMSc (Nursing) Advanced Practice Nursing24-Sep-23
MSCCBPMSc Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy24-Sep-23
MSCHQIMSc (Healthcare Quality Improvement)1 and 24-Sep-23
MSCIPCMSc (Infection Prevention and Control)24-Sep-23
MSCNRIMSc (Nursing)14-Sep-23
MSCNUMSc (Nursing)24-Sep-23
PCACIPg Cert in Allergy & Clinical Immunology14-Sep-23
PCCTPgrad Certificate in Clinical Trials14-Sep-23
PCPCHPg Cert in Paediatrics and Child Health14-Sep-23
PCIPCPg Cert in Infection Prevention Control14-Sep-23
PDCBTPg Dip Cognitive Behavioural Therapy14-Sep-23
PDHPEPg Dip in Health Professions' Education24-Sep-23
PDNGPostgrad Dip in Nursing (Gerontological)14-Sep-23
PDNICPostgrad Dip in Nursing (Intensive Care)14-Sep-23
PDNMSPgrad Dip in Nursing (Medical-Surgical)14-Sep-23
PDNSMHPgrad Dip in Nursing (Specialist Mental Health)14-Sep-23
PDNNPostgrad Dip in Nursing (Neonatology)14-Sep-23
BSCPMSBSc (Paramedic Studies)1, 2 and 34-Sep-23
BSCPSTBSc (Paramedic Studies)1 and 24-Sep-23
MSCDRMSc (Diagnostic Radiography)1 and 24-Sep-23
MSCPTPMSc (Physiotherapy)1 and 24-Sep-23
MSCRTMSc (Radiation Therapy)1 and 24-Sep-23
MSCSPPMSc (Specialist Paramedic Practice)14-Sep-23
BHSCGHBSc (Hons) Hlth St (Children & General)45-Sep-23
BNCGNBSc Nursing (Children's & General)1, 2 and 35-Sep-23
BNGBSc Nursing (General)1, 2, 3 and 45-Sep-23
BNIDBSc Nursing (Intellectual Disability)1, 2, 3 and 45-Sep-23
BNMHLBSc Nursing (Mental Health)1, 2, 3 and 45-Sep-23
BSCMWFBSc (Midwifery)1, 2 and 45-Sep-23
BSCDSABSc (Data Science and Analytics)1, 2 and 35-Sep-23
BSCSFBSc (Computer Science)15-Sep-23
BSCSBSc (Computer Science) Single Honours2, 3 and 45-Sep-23
BSCSEBSc (Comp Sc) Single Hons (Software Ent)25-Sep-23
HDACTHigher Dip Applied Computing Technology15-Sep-23
MSCCSMSc (Computing Science)15-Sep-23
MSCDSAMSc (Data Science and Analytics)15-Sep-23
MSCIMMSc (Interactive Media)15-Sep-23
BSCATBSc (Architecture)1, 2, 3 and 48-Sep-23
PHDESPhD (Engineering Science)2 and 38-Sep-23
BSCIPYBSc (Industrial Physics)1 and 218-Sep-23
CPDMContinuing Professional Development118-Sep-23
HDDMBHDip in Design & Manufacture of BioPharm118-Sep-23
MADCEBMA (Digital Cultures)118-Sep-23
MEATMaster of Architecture118-Sep-23
MSCDEMMSc (Dementia)218-Sep-23
MSCOPRMSc (Older Person Rehabilitation)1 and 218-Sep-23
PCDEMPostgraduate Certificate in Dementia118-Sep-23
PCOPRPg Cert in Older Person Rehabilitation118-Sep-23
PHDBISPhD (Business Information Systems)118-Sep-23
CPDNContinuing Professional Development125-Sep-23
MSCAUMSc (Audiology)1 and 225-Sep-23
MSCCBPMSc Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy225-Sep-23
MSCHBCMSc (Hearing, Balance and Communication)1 and 225-Sep-23
MSCMWFMSc (Midwifery)225-Sep-23
MSCNRIMSc (Nursing)125-Sep-23
MSCNUMSc (Nursing)225-Sep-23
MSCBECMSc (Business Economics)1 and 226-Sep-23
MSCBRMMSc (Finance (Banking & Risk Mgt))126-Sep-23
PDBCMPgrad Dip in Bioanalytical Chemistry126-Sep-23
BNGBSc Nursing (General)429-Sep-23
BNIDBSc Nursing (Intellectual Disability)429-Sep-23
BNMHLBSc Nursing (Mental Health)429-Sep-23
BSCMWFBSc (Midwifery)429-Sep-23
BSCBSBSc (Biomedical Sciences) Joint UCC/MTU1, 2, 3 and 4TBC
MPHARMMaster of Pharmacy1TBC

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