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The mitigation process exists to support you if you encounter unexpected circumstances that impact on your ability to prepare for or to sit an examination.

Mitigation - Waiver of capping of marks for Repeat examinations

This category applies to the following;

Students who due to mitigating circumstances could not attend first attempt scheduled end of semester examination(s) or who could not complete first attempt continuous assessment/assignment based modules.

Students who due to mitigating circumstances have failed to achieve a Pass standard in a module at the first examination/assessment attempt and consequently are required to repeat that examination/assessment.

Students who have been granted a Waiver of capping of Marks for a Repeat examination/assessment who, due to mitigating circumstances, fail to achieve a pass standard or were unable to present for the repeat examination or assessment.

Students who may need to apply for a retrospective waiver of capping relating to marks achieved in an examination/assessment in a previous academic year.

Students who believe that their first attempt examination/assessment performance was negatively impacted upon by mitigating circumstances and wish to forego the pass mark achieved and retake the examination/assessment for full marks at the Supplemental examination. If you are in this category of student and you wish to apply you must wait until your programme year results (S1 and S2) are finalised and released to apply to retake the module(s) concerned and have the capping of marks waived for the Supplemental examination(s). 

Note an application must be submitted within 2 weeks of the official results release date.

Be advised that the mark you receive for the module you retake for uncapped marks is the mark that will be used to calculate your overall grade for the year, regardless of whether it is higher or lower than the mark already achieved. You must tick the associated box in the online application form to confirm you understand this. Otherwise your application will not be considered.

A successful application for a waiver of capping will guarantee that the marks achieved at the Supplemental/Repeat year examination/assessment are NOT capped at Pass standard.

For information on mitigating circumstances/grounds,what you need to apply for a waiver of capping and other relevant information see Mitigation – What to consider before applying

Who cannot apply for a Waiver of capping of Marks?

Students sanctioned for a breach of examination regulations in respect of a particular module are not eligible for a waiver of capping for that module.

Note that in general, a Repeat Year student cannot apply for a waiver of capping of marks. However, a student in this category may be able to apply for a retrospective waiver of capping of marks. See previous section.


When can I apply for a Waiver of capping of Marks?

You can apply for a Waiver of capping of Marks for a Supplemental/Repeat year examination in the 2 week period after your Semester 1 and 2 examination results have been released.

For Results release dates please access the link here

How do I apply for a Waiver of Capping of Marks?

Make an application for a waiver of capping when your results are released by accessing the Waiver of capping of marks application form

Please note the following:

The form is available to you from the time your results are released and will remain accessible until 2 weeks from the official result release date for your programme year.


How long does it take for a Waiver of Capping of Marks application to be processed?

We ask the applicant to allow 3 calendar weeks on submission of a complete application before a decision is communicated to the student.

Mitigation - Deferral of Module Examinations / Assessments

Who can apply to defer examinations/assessments?

Students who encounter circumstances which impact on their ability to prepare for or complete the assessment of module(s) can apply to defer module(s) until the Autumn Supplemental Examination session or a Repeat Year.

A successful deferral application will guarantee that the marks achieved at the Supplemental/Repeat year examination(s) are NOT capped at pass standard.

Who cannot apply to defer a module/examination?

A student repeating a module and who is found to have breached examination regulations for that particular module is not eligible to apply to defer the module concerned for uncapped marks.

A student repeating a module and not eligible for full marks.

A student cannot normally apply to defer a module where the deadline for submission of work for an assessment has passed or where the examination date has passed.(In this case, a Waiver of capping of Marks may be a possibility).

For information on mitigating circumstances/grounds, what you need to apply to defer and other relevant information see Mitigation – What to consider before applying.

When can I apply to defer a Module?

**Please note the deadline to defer modules examined in Semester 2 has passed.**

If you have mitigating circumstances preventing you from attending scheduled written exams for the Summer examination session beginning on the 26th April or submitting assignments for Semester 2 modules please see Mitigation - Waiver of capping of Marks for Supplemental examinations


Examination Deferral Application Deadlines for 2023/24 Academic Year

Examination Period Deferral Application Deadline 
Winter 2023 examinations Friday 17 November 2023  
Dissertations (Taught Masters) Spring Board 2024 Friday 26 January 2024
Spring 2024 examinations Friday 16 February 2024
Final Medical examinations Friday 5 April 2024
Summer 2024 examinations Friday 5 April 2024
Autumn 2024 FIRST ATTEMPT examinations only Friday 19 July 2024
Note: This date does not apply to students registered to resit Winter, Spring or Summer modules not passed  
Dissertations (Taught Masters) Autumn 2024 Friday 5 July 2024
Dissertations (Taught Masters) Winter Board 2024 Friday 27 September 2024


If you have an enquiry about deferring please make a web enquiry here selecting Examinations, Mitigation - Module/Examination Deferrals Query, giving the module code(s) and a brief explanation as to why you are requesting a deferral.

Please note that all information provided will be treated confidentially.

How can I apply to defer my module(s)/examination(s)?

You can make a deferral application at Online Deferral application


  • If you require a 'short' extension to an assignment/thesis, please contact your lecturer/supervisor to agree a revised date.
  • Applications for a partial deferral will be considered in exceptional cases only.
  • If you decide you wish to defer the entire academic year, please apply to the relevant College for a Leave of Absence.
  • Applications will be processed as quickly as possible and we will aim to communicate the outcome of your application to you no later than 15 working days following submission of your application.

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