Working on Ourselves. Jobseeking as a Quest for Redemption.

30 Jun 2021
Photo by Alex Kotliarskyi on Unsplash

Dr. Tom Boland, UCC and Dr. Ray Griffin, WIT have written a timely article for the Sociological Review about Jobseeking.

Extract from Blog:

Many commentators have critiqued welfare policies; from academics to journalists to the film i, daniel blake; contemporary welfare policy can be cruel, making support conditional on obedience, threatening to cut off benefits for petty infractions. at their harshest, these policies are punitive and stigmatising, forcing people into precarious work, cutting their benefits, forcing reliance on foodbanks and charity, pushing people into depression, petty-crime or even suicide. even where the consequences are less dramatic, they commodify people as labour power, a neo-liberal dynamic of enforced market participation – an authoritarian state and a de-regulated market.


Read the full article here: Working on Ourselves Sociological Review  

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