Walking as Critical Pedagogy: A feminist walk in Cork

22 Nov 2021

Professor Maggie O'Neill led a walk and talk tour in Cork city on 'Walking as Critical Pedagogy: A feminist walk in Cork' on Friday 12 November 2021 2-4pm 

The thematic focus: celebrating the contribution of women to art, culture and the city; exploring the role of women in addressing sexual and social inequalities, and building fairer, safer communities


The walk was created in discussion with MA Women's Studies, Sociology & Criminology students, Dr Naomi Masheti and Dr Amin Sharifi Isaloo. 

The route began at the Honan Chapel with women artists contribution to Irish Arts & Crafts, and then on to Nano Nagle Centre/Cork Migrant Centre, Nano Nagle Place, Mary Elmes Bridge and Mother Jones Plaque, Cork Sexual Violence Centre, the Firkin Crane Centre, the 'Safe gigs' campaign and the importance of UCC Bystander Intervention programme, UCCFemSoc and closed with a look at women's health issues and needs.


The walk included on-site visits/ brief introductions/interventions at the Honan Chapel, Nano Nagle/Cork Migrants Centre and Mother Jones Plaque and closed with tea at the Cork Sexual Violence Centre.


This is the first of a series of walks to be developed with students, staff and community groups.

Wth thanks to Naomi Masheti, Fionnuala O'Connell, Mary Crilly, Andrea Stapleton, Liz Hales, Leen Jamal Maarouf, Beatriz Dantas Vieira, Amin Sharifi Isaloo, John Barimo, James Cronin, Tom Spalding and Fr Gerard Dunne

Department of Sociology & Criminology

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