Reflections on Irish Criminology - Conversations with Criminologists!

1 Feb 2021

Congratulations to our colleagues Dr Orla Lynch, Yasmine Ahmed, Helen Russell and Kevin Hosford on the publication of their edited book Conversations with Criminologists which is published by Palgrave. 

The book examines how Criminology has developed as a discrete subject area in the Irish context, with unique insights for an international audience Explores the future trajectories of Criminology It also looks at how Criminology intersects with policy and practice.

One of the conversations is with Professor Maggie O'Neill, Head of Department, Department of Sociology & Criminology, UCC.

This book explores the development of the discipline of Criminology on the island of Ireland, through conversations with leading criminologists. Adding depth and breadth to the understandings of this growing discipline, leading scholars discuss their personal journey to Criminology, their research areas, their theoretical influences and the impact of the discipline of Criminology on how we think about criminal justice in Ireland and beyond. Research topics include desistence, victims’ rights, parole, policing and research methods. The book explores what influences framed the work of key thinkers in the area and how Criminology intersects with policy and practice within and beyond the criminological and criminal justice fields. It provides an insight into how the discipline has emerged as a discrete subject through a discussion of Ireland's key historical moments. It argues that Ireland's unique historical, cultural, political, social and economic arrangements and research about Ireland have much to offer the international field of Criminology. This volume also reflects on future directions for Irish Criminology, as well as sounding warnings to ensure the healthy development of the field as a discipline in its own right and as an interdisciplinary undertaking.

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