Dr Amin Sharifi Isaloo, Keynote Speaker at the ACE Sanctuary Scholars Welcome Day.

19 Nov 2019
Amin Sharifi Isaloo (pictured on right) in Aula Maxima, UCC.

ACE Sanctuary Scholars Welcome Day was held on 19th November 2019 in Aula Maxima, UCC. Dr. Amin Sharifi Isaloo @AminsharifiT from Department of Sociology and Criminology @UCCSOC, gave a fascinating presentation on his experience and journey as an asylum seeker to now being an academic.

Amin said: "the need to have a positive approach toward transparent immigration system and policies based on human values can establish a structure and a system toward a multicultural and an intercultural society. To build such a society, we need to abolish the DP system (returning to our old system) and to provide asylum seekers opportunities to have access to our education system and the labour market. This is possible by building bridges, providing information and providing scholarships for learning languages and accessing the third level education."

Department of Sociology & Criminology

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