Quercus College Scholarships - College of Science, Engineering and Food Science

At a glance

  • Value: €500
  • You must be a current UCC Student to be eligible for this scholarship
  • Questions about this scholarship can be directed to sefstlse@ucc.ie


In the College of Science, Engineering and Food Science Quercus College Scholarships of €500 each, tenable for one year, are offered for competition, based on the results of each of the End of Year First, Second and Third year University Examinations in programmes offered by the College of Science, Food Science and Engineering and are distributed as follows:

  • Seven Quercus College Scholarships will be awarded in each of first, second and third years.
  • The top three in each subject group (detailed below) in first, second and third years are chosen (based on the highest percentage marks).
  • The results of the students ranked fourth in each subject group (detailed below) in each year are compared and the student with the smallest gap in percentage point between 3rd and 4th ranked in their group is awarded the seventh scholarship in each of the three years.

Subject Groups

(1) Engineering/Mathematical Sciences/Computer Science/Physics

(2) Life Sciences/ Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences/Food and Nutritional Sciences/Chemistry.


1. Second Year Quercus College scholarships may be awarded on the results of the End of Year First University Examinations. Similarly, Third Year scholarships may be awarded on the results of the Second End of Year Examinations, and so on. Further details are given below;

2. Such awards are tenable only in University College Cork, and for the session immediately following their award;

3. To be eligible for the award of a Quercus College Scholarship in any year a student must have completed the programme of the preceding year, and passed the relevant examination thereon, in the minimum time. Exemption from this regulation will be granted by the Academic Council only in the case of serious and prolonged illness;

4. The standard must have been achieved at the first attempt in the summer examinations unless permission has been given by the University Mitigation Committee to sit the examinations in the autumn or to split them between summer and autumn;

5. A Quercus College Scholarship will be awarded only to a student who has (a) taken the examination concerned as a whole, (b) obtained marks of a standard considered adequate by the College of Science, Food Science and Engineering (minimum first class honours);

6. No student from another University or College is eligible to compete for any such award in this University except in an academic grade higher than that held by him/her in the University or College from which he/she came;

7. No student is eligible to compete for a scholarship which he/she has already obtained in a previous session;

8. This is a financial prize and all scholars are liable for tuition (if applicable), registration and capitation fees;

These scholarships are awarded on the basis of the previous year's Examination results, i.e. on the End of Year Examination 2021 results.


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