The MacConaill Prize in Clinical Anatomy

At a glance

  • Value: €300
  • You must be a current UCC Student to be eligible for this scholarship
  • Questions about this scholarship can be directed to

Michael A. MacConaill, formerly Professor of Anatomy in University College Cork, through his fundamental research into articular mechanics, has made possible major advances in Physical Medicine and Orthopaedic Surgery. In recognition of these contributions, and to underline the close relationship between Anatomy, Surgery and Medicine, an annual prize in Clinical Anatomy is awarded. The establishment of this prize was made possible by a donation from a private bequest transmitted through Dr. Denis Dooley, Inspector of Anatomy, Department of Health and Social Security, London. The current value of the prize is c. €300.

The following conditions of award apply:

  • The prize be offered for award annually.
  • The prize be called "The MacConaill Prize in Clinical Anatomy".
  • That a Second University Prizes Examination in Clinical Anatomy be held.
  • The prize be open to competition only among registered medical students eligible to sit the Second University Prizes Examination in Clinical Anatomy, namely, those
    • who have passed, at the first attempt, the whole Summer First University Examination in Medicine without compensation and without exemption,
    • who are registered as second year medical students of University College Cork, during the current session and
    • whose aggregate marks are among the top 10% of the class in Anatomy in the following Modules: FM1010, FM1020, FM1030, FM1040, FM2101, FM2102.
  • The prize be awarded to the candidate who obtains the highest mark in the Second University Prizes Examination in Clinical Anatomy.
  • No prize be offered unless high merit has been shown.

Note: These awards are funded from endowments made by the respective donors to the University for awards to be made in perpetuity. The funds donated are invested, and the annual income is the amount available for the award. Due to fluctuation in the investment market, the amounts available from year to year may vary, upwards and downwards; for this reason, the value of any award referred to in this section is indicative only, and may be higher or lower when the amount of the award is completed.

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