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Monex Scholarship Program

At a glance

  • Value: €3,000
  • You must have secured a place or be a registered student at UCC CUBS to be eligible for this scholarship (see additional eligibility criteria below)
  • Questions about this scholarship can be directed to


The Monex Scholarship Program is designed to identify students who display academic commitment and dedication to their studies, despite personal adversity, and for whom financial assistance offered by this Scholarship Program will facilitate their progression to full-time, 3rd level undergraduate studies at Cork University Business School (CUBS).

 Eligible students will have completed 6th year leaving cert studies at the following Killarney schools:

  • Brendan’s College, Killarney
  • Brigid’s Presentation Secondary School, Killarney
  • Killarney Community College, Killarney

 Support is also available to 2nd and 3rd year students of UCC CUBS who have attended the Killarney secondary schools listed above.

A total Scholarship fund of up to €3,000, per school listed above, will be made available per annum, for the selected students matching the criteria outlined in this document.

Monex Scholarship Program criteria and objectives will be related to students by the school’s career guidance team. Applications will be made directly to the school.

Following the application deadline, as agreed on an annual basis, each school will select a recipient to nominate for the Scholarship.  It is intended that one student per annum, per school, is selected (see T&C’s) and may receive up to €3,000 funding. The amount may be presented to one student or divided between multiple students of one school in any given year.

In the event that a suitable student is not evident from one of the selected schools in any given year, funding may be granted to additional students of one of the two remaining schools. Funding will only be awarded if suitable students are established each year.   

Eligible candidates may be categorised as:

  • Those who have been accepted to 1st year undergraduate course at UCC CUBS
  • Display a good scholastic track record
  • Are in need of funding, without which, travel, accommodation and/or sustenance would preclude the student’s application or limit the possibility of accepting a place on a UCC CUBS course. 

Student Commitment to Grade Achievements

  • Candidates who fail to obtain the necessary grade standards will be excluded from consideration for further funding and support.
  • Fees to re-sit exams will not be included as an additional financial supplement.

 Application Process                                             

  • Eligible secondary school candidates will submit an application via their Principal following the offer of a place on a UCC CUBS course.
  • Closing date for applications - Late and 2nd round offers will be taken into consideration.
  • To ensure a fair and unbiased selection procedure and to engender student commitment to the process, eligible secondary school applicants will be requested to submit a personal essay of up to 1,500 words outlining their suitability for the Scholarship and the impact which participation in a CUBS course will have on their academic studies and ambitions.

 Selection Criteria

All three Killarney schools will adhere to identical selection criteria.

  • Applications will be accepted from Leaving Cert students of the three Killarney schools listed in this document who have applied for and/or have been accepted to UCC CUBS course.
  • Exceptional circumstances
  • Students from a family experiencing financial hardship
  • Students with exceptional needs
  • Students experiencing lack of or insufficient state support
  • Students which will benefit most from this financial aid
  • Students displaying academic commitment and dedication to progress to 3rd level education
  • Other relevant exceptional circumstances will be considered.


  • Applicants may be required to detail the circumstances which they deem to be exceptional, for example:
  • Details of the exceptional circumstances
  • When the exceptional circumstances occurred
  • What is the expected duration of these exceptional circumstances?
  • What has been the impact of these exceptional circumstances on:
    • The applicant’s participation of the academic year and their course of study.
    • The applicant’s ability to complete end of year exams.

 Fund Dispersal

  • Funds will be distributed to the successful 1st year college candidate either in one total payment of up to €3,000 or by incremental payments of one-third per semester.
  • Recipients, who continue their studies in 2nd and 3rd year UCC CUBS course, may re-apply for further funding on an annual basis via the UCC CUBS student support team.
  • An available fund of up to €3,000 will be agreed between Monex and the UCC student support team for suitable 2nd and 3rd year students.
  • No commitment will be given or assumed for continued funding support during 2nd and 3rd year attendance at UCC CUBS course. 
  • On the advice of the UCC CUBS student support team, further funding may be provided to applicable 2nd and 3rd year students in one total amount at the commencement of the college year or distributed, one-third per semester.  
  • Each application for repeat funding will be reviewed on a case by case basis.
  • The UCC student support team will liaise with Monex and recommend 2nd and 3rd year student applicants to benefit from the Monex Scholarship Program funding.
  • It may be deemed that a 1st year student recipient is no longer in need of financial support in 2nd and/or 3rd year, or an alternate student, originating from one of the three Killarney schools and attending UCC CUBS, may be selected based on advice from the UCC student support team and relating to the student’s individual circumstances.


Terms & Conditions:

  • The Program will commence accepting application submissions each year following issuance of the first round of UCC CUBS student place offers.
  • The deadline for submission to be 2 weeks following the date of the 2nd round of CAO offers. The Program will be reviewed on an ongoing basis to ascertain the constructive merits of the Scholarship funding.
  • Monex reserves the right at all times to determine the beneficiaries of this Scholarship Program and Monex will have the final decision.
  • Monex reserves the right to terminate the Scholarship Program without any ongoing obligation to any student, school or to UCC CUBS, as it solely determines.
  • Monex reserves the right to change, vary or re-establish the selection criteria, scholarship amounts or any other element of the Scholarship program, at its sole discretion.
  • It is agreed that the personal details of any applicant will not be disclosed to any third party, other than to the secondary school which the student attends and to UCC CUBS. The personal data of any applicants will only be used for the purposes of determining the awarding the Scholarship.
  • Students may be invited to participate in media public relations (PR) in the form of photographs or offer comment for print or digital press articles and photos/posts on social media channels. In the event that scholarship students participate in such PR activities, such participation is taken as consent for Monex to use the name, location, photographs and any other details relevant to the student’s participation in the Scholarship Program, for the purposes of promotion or PR of the Scholarship Program only.
  • Students may be asked to offer feedback on the practical application of the Monex Scholarship Program.


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