McCann FitzGerald Contract Law Bursary - Year 1 (LW 1154)

At a glance

  • Value: €3,130
  • Students that achieve the top 10 results in Contract Law will be invited to apply for the bursary in June annually. Where there is a tied grade, all students on this tied grade will be invited to apply
  • Questions and applications on this bursary should be directed to Prof. Steve Hedley, UCC School of Law,
Entry criteria:
  • The students that achieve the top 10 results in Contract Law - year 1 will be invited to apply. Please note that where there are tied results all students at the same grade will be invited to apply. From these applicants, the top 5 based on their academic results will be forwarded by the School of Law to McCann Fitzgerald for interview and assessment of their application form, essay and application.
  • Each student must compose a short essay of 1000 words discussing the following: 

“Commercial Contracts: Does Good Faith make Good Law?”

We anticipate that the short essay will address the status of case law on good faith in commercial contracts in Ireland with appropriate, brief international comparisons.

  • A shortlist of students will be chosen (those with the top 5 results in Contract Law, selected from the students who have been invited to apply and who have applied) by Prof. Steve Hedley and an interview will take place to discuss your application. The interview panel will include representatives from McCann FitzGerald and success will be based on your interview, academic results and a short essay.

Please note if a bursary holder withdraws from the programme for which s/he has registered or fails to continue throughout the year to meet the attendance and other requirements for the programme, including examination entry, s/he may be required to repay to the College the whole or part of the bursary.

Opening June annually. Closing July annually.


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