BComm Strategy Capstone Team Award

At a glance

  • Value: €500 divided between team members
  • You must be a current UCC Student to be eligible for this prize
  • Questions about this prize can be directed to f.coyne@ucc.ie


This Award will be presented annually to the BU4000 student team who achieves the highest academic marks based on their Group project and is in recognition of excellence in critical thinking, teamwork and strategic analysis.


Selection Process and Eligibility to apply

The selection of the Award recipient will be made by a subgroup of the BComm Board of Studies and this recommendation approved by the CUBS Boards.

The following conditions for the award apply:

  • The award is confined to BComm students who have graduated during the preceding academic year;
  • The award is for the recently graduated BComm IV student team who has achieve the highest overall mark in the Group project element of the final year Strategy Capstone module (BU4000).  
  • In a scenario where two or more groups have achieved the highest overall mark in the group project, then the award will be determined by the team that has achieved the highest mark within the group presentation element of the module.



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