The Michael P. Mortell Scholarship In Applied Mathematics

At a glance

  • Value: €1,000
  • You must be a current UCC Student to be eligible for this scholarship
  • Questions about this scholarship can be directed to Professor Sebastian Wieczorek


The scholarship shall be called "The Michael P. Mortell Scholarship in Applied Mathematics". 


The scholarship shall be awarded annually on the results of the Summer First University Examination to a student in Science or Arts. Those students who achieve 70% of the marks available in the First Arts Examination in Applied Mathematics or in the First Science Examination in the Applied Mathematics modules in CK407 or CK408, and who would be eligible for the award of a University Scholarship on the basis of their First Year Examination results shall be eligible for award of this scholarship.
The scholarship shall be used exclusively for the purpose of pursuing at University College Cork a BSc (Hons) Degree in which Applied Mathematics is one of the subjects with at least 25 credits in Second Year and at least 30 credits in ensuing years. The Scholarship Board, which will award the scholarship, shall consist of the Head of Department of Applied Mathematics, together with two of the permanent members of staff elected every three years by the Applied Mathematics Department members.

The value of the scholarship shall be €1,000 per annum and the scholarship shall normally be tenable for the student's undergraduate years. Students who are also in receipt of Higher Education Grants or other such awards may not receive the full value of the scholarship if the rules governing the other awards restrict the total amount of support that a student may receive in any one year. In the event of the scholarship not being awarded in a particular year, an additional scholarship or prize, valid for one year only, may, at the discretion of the Board, be awarded in the following year. The scholarship may be withdrawn if the attendance, progress or conduct of the scholar concerned, whether through illness or otherwise, is not considered satisfactory by the Scholarship Board. The scholarship shall be paid in equal amounts at the end of each Semester.


*Note: These awards are funded from endowments made by the respective donors to the University for awards to be made in perpetuity. The funds donated are invested, and the annual income is the amount available for the award. Due to fluctuation in the investment market, the amounts available from year to year may vary, upwards and downwards; for this reason, the value of any award referred to in this section is indicative only, and may be higher or lower when the amount of the award is completed.

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