The Denis O’Sullivan Clinical Research Fellowship

At a glance

  • Value: Fellowships are paid at a rate to be determined in accordance with available funds
  • You must be a graduate of UCC to be eligible for this fellowship
  • Questions about this scholarship can be directed to Dr Aine Merwick, School of Medicine


The medical graduates of UCC have endowed up to two Clinical Research Fellowships annually, in honour of Professor Denis O'Sullivan, Professor of Medicine 1961-1990. 

The Fellowships are to facilitate full-time research, and are open to NCHD-grade doctors working in the teaching hospitals and in general practices associated with UCC. They are awarded through open competition, by an Assessment Committee appointed by the President of the College. The Committee includes the Head of the School of Medicine (or nominee), representatives of the consultant staffs of Cork University Hospital and the Cork Voluntary Hospitals, a representative of UCC Medical Graduates and an external assessor. Each applicant is expected to have a specific research proposal, prepared in collaboration with his/her nominated Department. Collaboration with Basic Science and other Departments within the University is strongly encouraged. Fellowships are paid at a rate to be determined in accordance with available funds.

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