The Ainsworth Scholarship

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  • Value: varies 
  • You must be a graduate of UCC to be eligible for this scholarship
  • Questions about this scholarship can be directed Dr Aine Merwick, School of Medicine 
  • Submissions to


This scholarship was founded by Miss Edith K. Eyre of Newport, Rhode Island in memory of her grandfather, Dr. James Ainsworth, who secured his medical qualifications in Dublin and subsequently practised in Peru.
"The Donor requests the University to establish a scholarship to be known as the Ainsworth Scholarship, and to select from time to time, in the manner hereinafter provided, medical doctors who intend to practise their profession in Ireland, primarily those who are medical graduates of University College Cork, and to apply the amounts received by the University pursuant to this Indenture to the postgraduate medical education and training, in the United States of America or in any other country, of such doctor in such manner as the University shall determine.
The selection of the recipients of the scholarship shall be made by the Head of the School of Medicine, University College Cork. It is suggested that selection of recipients be made generally on the basis of the financial need, the demonstrated ability and the good character of the recipient. The donor desires that the recipients of such scholarships be allowed to pursue their postgraduate education and training in any country which may offer the best facilities for such education and training".
Each candidate for this scholarship must submit his/her application to:

An application in either a letter or statement form must be submitted containing the following information: 

  • Age, general education, undergraduate record, medical qualifications.
  • Reasons for applying
  • Postgraduate clinical, practical, teaching or research experience.
  • The subject or branch selected for postgraduate training, and the candidate's present qualifications therein (including publications, if any).
  • The country selected for postgraduate training.
  • Name of the institution where the applicant wishes to use the scholarship, and proof that the institute has accepted them for the appropriate programme/training.
  • Evidence of the intention to practise in Ireland.
  • A confidential statement of the candidate's financial need, and an estimate of costs involved in  training fellowship must be given, stating any salary/subsidies the candidate may receive as part of the proposed training. The amounts of rent, travel and living expenses can be stated. 
  • The names of two senior medical referees, and that of at least one person who can certify as to character - these should be included with the application.
  • Applications are invited by press advertisements in the month of January each year for scholarships tenable for the following Autumn.
  • These advertisements give the latest date for the receipt of such applications which is normally in February.
  • Applications will be considered only from those who, after graduation, have had clinical or practical experience or have been engaged in teaching or research.
  • The amount of the scholarship will depend on the successful candidate's financial need and the costs likely to be incurred.
  • The scholarship is generally tenable for one year, subject to favourable reports of the holder's progress, but in exceptional circumstances it may be renewed for a further year. 

Closing date for 2024/25 applications is Friday, 9th of February 2024.

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