MSc Management & Marketing - Graduate of the Year

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  • Value: €100
  • You must be a current UCC Student to be eligible for this prize
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MSc Management & Marketing Graduate of the Year:

This Award will be presented annually to the student who achieves the highest overall academic mark in the MSc Management & Marketing Programme.

Selection Process and Eligibility to apply

The selection of the Award recipient will be made once the marks are known after the final exam board. All students registered on the MSc Management & Marketing are automatically eligible for the Prize.

The following conditions for the award apply:

· The award is confined to students registered and who have successfully completed the MSc Management & Marketing.

· The student with the highest overall mark achieved across the full MSc Management & Marketing programme will be selected as the Awardee.

· In the case of more than one student finishing on the same mark, then the student with the highest mark from the MSc Management & Marketing student cohort in the Applied Research Project will be the awardee.


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