The Michael Joseph McEnery Memorial Scholarship

At a glance

 Michael Joseph McEnery (1858-1940) was a distinguished student of Queen's College, Cork. He was Deputy Keeper of the Public Records and Keeper of the State Papers for all Ireland from 1914 to 1921; during this period he did much useful work in the field of Irish historical research both by his publications and by his skillful collection of material. From 1920 to 1924 he was President of the Royal Society of Antiquaries, Ireland. After his death his widow, Geraldine C. McEnery, founded the above scholarship for the promotion of Irish Historical Studies. Its value is equivalent to EU Fees and is awarded under the following conditions:

  • That the scholarship be awarded, on the recommendation of the Academic Council, to one or two postgraduate students of the University in the School of History, the holders being eligible to hold a University scholarship at the same time under the regulations of the University.
  • That, should the scholarship be not awarded in any year, the money so accruing may be applied either to adding to the value of the scholarship or to the giving of an additional scholarship in the next or following years, or it may be applied in aid of the publication of a work of research, or it may be applied in any other way that will promote the study of Irish History according as the Academic Council shall decide.


Note: These awards are funded from endowments made by the respective donors to the University for awards to be made in perpetuity. The funds donated are invested, and the annual income is the amount available for the award. Due to fluctuation in the investment market, the amounts available from year to year may vary, upwards and downwards; for this reason, the value of any award referred to in this section is indicative only, and may be higher or lower when the amount of the award is completed.

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