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The Dr H H Stewart Literary Scholarships and Prizes (8 subjects)

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  • Value: €1,000, medals
  • You must be a current Student to be eligible for this scholarship
  • Questions about this scholarship can be directed to


The Dr Henry Hutchinson Stewart Literary and Medical Scholarships and Prizes are among the oldest awards to be offered for competition by the NUI. First established in 1888 following a bequest from the estate of Dr Henry Hutchinson Stewart, these awards were initially made by the Royal University of Ireland until its dissolution in 1908 and were then continued by the NUI. Under the terms of the trust it was provided that two-thirds of the income be allocated for the provision of medical scholarships and one-third for the provision of literary scholarships.

Students cannot apply directly to NUI for these awards. Nominations are made by Faculties, Schools and Departments.

  1. Chinese
  2. English
  3. French
  4. German
  5. Irish
  6. Italian
  7. Latin
  8. Spanish

These awards are based on the results of assessments completed in first year or stage one modules in each of the 8 subjects listed above. These may include the results of students registered on any undergraduate degree programme where it is possible to take first year or stage one language and language-related literature/cultural studies modules. Nominated students should demonstrate stage one achievement across the language discipline as a whole.

Up to three of the students achieving the highest marks across these disciplines in each of the four NUI constituent universities are put forward as candidates by their School / Department.

Students cannot apply directly to NUI for these awards.

Note: Students whose first language is Chinese, French, German, Italian or Spanish will not be considered for the Scholarships and Prizes in these respective languages.

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