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Newsletter June 2010

28 Jun 2010

Dear ARCS members,

This is the newsletter for June 2010. We will be posting the newsletters on the ARCS website also, in the ‘News’ section.


ARCS Newsletter: June 2010

Dear ARCS members,

This is the newsletter for June 2010. We will be posting the newsletters on the ARCS website also, in the ‘News’ section.

 Many thanks to those who have replied to the recent member list update for the first time, and also to those members who continue to support ARCS financially through the voluntary monthly contribution. There are now 473 members on the ARCS-L email list.

ARCS plans to hold its AGM within the next month. We will be seeking candidates for chairperson, vice chair, secretary and treasurer. If you have an interest in any of these positions or would be interested to ascertain what they involve please contact the ARCS chair Gordon Dalton (email address below). We hope to have a speaker from SFI attending the AGM or Michael Martin from the business and employer association IBEC -more on this soon.

On UCC news, HR is conducting a review of Research Institutes and research personnel.  It is anticipated that ARCS will be able to respond to the review once it is completed.

ARCS is attending the monthly meetings of the Academic Council Research Committee (ARCS). (see last paragraph for ARCS and ACRC initiatives)

The national representative body, IRSA has been quite active in recent months, with Gordon Dalton who is currently chair of ARCS, elected president of IRSA for 2010. At the last IRSA meeting (19th May), Graham Love (SFI) and Martin Hynes (IRCSET) attended.  IRCSET has agreed to fund and organise the following:

  • A joint networking and CV sharing platform via Diaspora similar to that organised in Germany. A workshop will be organised to discuss the platform.
  • Attendance of 2 members of IRSA  at Euro Science Open Forum (ESOF) in Turin in July

IRSA will also be presenting at Council of Europe’s CREST Scientific and Technical Research Committee in Dublin in June, on the invitation of  Conor O Carroll of the IUA. IRSA presenters will be Gordon Dalton and Carol Lynam from DCU. The presentation outline will be an introduction on IRSA and its strategies as well as a presentation on Irish Researcher experiences.   

An initiative on reversal of the pay cuts for Marie Curie researchers is underway, being led by the TCD association.

Queens University has recently joined IRSA.

IRSA has been invited to give a presentation to the new UK version of IRSA, UKRSA, in July. The presentation will consist of experiences and advise on how IRSA has been successful to date.

The next meeting of IRSA will be on the 18th June. The HERG committee, including Jerome Kelly and members of the HEA are being invited, as well as Michael Martin from the business and employer association IBEC.

Finally, the UCC information system IRIS is available for all researchers to complete.  This was previously only targeted towards academic staff. ARCS has lobbied the Academic Council Research Committee (ACRC) and the research office for researchers to be included in this information system. ARCS committee would encourage all ARCS membersto complete the site. It will benefit your CV and career opportunities and improve the overall researcher profile within UCC. The site link is

ARCS Committee

UCC Research Staff Association

C/O Hydraulics and Maritime Research Centre, Pouladuff Rd, Togher (UCC Internal)