Sandra Irwin

Sandra Irwin, PhD

Dr. Sandra Irwin Programme Manager

School of Biological, Earth & Environmental Sciences,
University College Cork,

353 (0)21 490 4595


   Sandra Irwin


Sandra graduated with a PhD in Zoology from UCC in 1998. Since then she has worked as a post-doctoral researcher and project manager on a variety of national and EU funded projects in both Scotland and Ireland. Sandra has more than 60 publications in international peer-reviewed journals, and has co-authored a number of book chapters. She completed a Project Management course with iPM (Integrated Project Management) in 2008. Since 2007 Sandra has been the programme manager on the multi-disciplinary PLANFORBIO forest biodiversity research programme at UCC, WIT and TCD, and also manages a number of other biodiversity related research projects at UCC. Further information on these projects can be found on UCC's Forest Ecology Research Group and PLANFORBIO Research Programme web pages.



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