Research projects

The primary aim of this research programme is to address forest biodiversity and management, focusing on forest types that are currently encouraged through State policies and financial incentives. These are the Irish forests of the future, and very little is known about their ecology and how it might be impacted by forest management. This will be achieved by means of four individual research projects. Please click on the links below for further information on each one.


FORESTBIO: Management of biodiversity in a range of Irish forest types
January 2007 - December 2009
Participants: University College Cork, Trinity College Dublin, Coillte


RHODO: Achieving effective Rhododendron control
January 2008 - December 2013
Participants: Waterford Institute of Technology, University College Cork


HENHARRIER: Optimum scenarios for Hen Harrier conservation in Ireland
Duration: January 2007 - March 2012
Participants: University College Cork


BIOPLAN: Implementation of an assessment and monitoring programme for biodiversity in Irish and British forests
Duration: January 2010 - December 2013
Participants: University College Cork, Trinity College Dublin, Forest Research UK, Coillte


Planning and Management Tools for Biodiversity in a Range of Irish Forests

PLANFORBIO Research Programme, Dept. of Zoology, Ecology & Plant Science, University College Cork, Distillery Fields,North Mall, Cork, Ireland