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Ilse completed her BSc. (hons) in Zoology from the University College Cork. Following this, she undertook a PhD in Ecology from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand where she studied the interactions between tuatara and fairy prions. She then lectured full-time on the degree “Biodiversity Management”at NorthTec, New Zealand. Ilse returned to Ireland and UCC in 2014 to begin her current post-doctoral position into research on afforestation and its impacts on the distributions and abundances of birds of conservation concern.

Research Interests

Ilse’s research interests are in the broad areas of conservation, spatial ecology, bird biology and forest ecology. She strives to focus on applied research questions that address anthropogenic impacts to species and that can be used directly for conservation and management. At UCC she is currently working on the ADAPT (Avian Diversity and Afforestation Planning Tools) Project led by John O’Halloran and John Quinn.


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  2. Corkery, I., Bell, B., & Nelson, N. (2014) Behavioural thermoregulation of the Tuatara, Sphenodon punctatus, under hydric and digestive constraints. Herpetological Conservation and Biology 9(1): 29-37.
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  4. Corkery, I., Bell, B., & Nelson, N. (2013). (Phd Thesis) Interspecific Interactions: A Case Study using the Tuatara-Fairy Prion Association. Victoria University Wellington, New Zealand.

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Dr Ilse Corkery

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