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MarPAMM - Marine Protected Area Management and Monitoring

Project Overview

Full Title: Marine Protected Area Management and Monitoring

The INTERREG VA MarPAMM project aims to improve and grow the cross-border capacity for monitoring and managing Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and species by developing new models and tools to support the conservation of marine habitats and species, delivering integrated, cross-border regional management plans and specific management plans for MPAs.

The MarPAMM partnership creates a multi-disciplinary team of scientists and practitioners in seven organisations, experienced in EU projects, motivated to deliver both outputs with a legacy for international, national, regional and organisational use.

  1. Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute
  2. Marine Scotland Science
  3. Scottish Natural Heritage
  4. Birdwatch Ireland
  5. Scottish Association for Marine Science
  6. Ulster University
  7. University College Cork

Within UCC, researchers are undertaking an analysis of interactions between seabirds and fisheries. Tracking data from a variety of seabird species including fulmar, gannets, kittiwakes, and gulls will be analysed to determine behaviours (e.g. foraging, rest, travel) and linked to fishing vessel data (Vessel Monitoring System (VMS), and Automated Identification Sysystem (AIS)) to understand how seabirds interact with these vessels and how the availability of fisheries discards might influence foraging behaviour.  The information generated will feed into species and area management plans to ensure the favourable conservation status of seabird species.


UCC Ornithology Research Group

School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences, UCC North Mall Campus, North Mall, Cork City,