Fire Evacuation & PEEPS

  • Each School/Department must have a building fire evacuation plan
  • Each School/Department must have or be covered (through prior agreement with adjoining areas/personnel) by a trained Fire Marshal (voluntary role, deputies may be required to cover A/L and S/L absence)
  • Fire Marshals will assist in the evacuation of buildings and in managing external assembly points until such a time as a building is deemed safe to re-enter by Fire Brigade/Security personnel
  • Emergency evacuation triage/staggered evacuation (of ambulant, semi-ambulant or non-ambulant people) or sheltering indoors may be necessary
  • During fire emergencies sheltering in place in a fire protected area (generally a fire escape stairs) may be necessary for mobility impaired persons located on the upper floors of buildings or enclosed basements (as lifts cannot be used - Fire Brigade requirements)
  • Contact the General Services Officer and Buildings & Estates Operational Fire Officer in relation to Fire Evacuation Plans, Fire Training and Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (building and individual specific):

Health & Safety Office

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