Research Seminars Archive

Round Table Discussion - 'Writing Truths: Journalism, Literature and the University'

30 November 2001

 'Colloquio Mexicano'

4 May 2001

 'Mexican Week'

31 October - 3 November 2000 

Mr Diarmuid O'Giolláin"Globalisation on the Periphery: Perspectives from Latin American Scholars "

9th of March, 2001

 Mexican Ambassador to the Court of St James, London, His Excellency Mr Santiago Oñate - "Mexico: This Year's Presidential Election and the Future"

16th of November, 2000

 Dr Nuala Finnegan - "Light Women/Light Literature: Women and Popular Fiction in Mexico since 1980"

20th of October, 2000

Professor Gordon Brotherstone - "Mexico's Ancient Books and the Modern Imagination "

5th of May, 2000

 Professor Lawrence Taylor & Maeve Hickey - "Lives on the Line: Tunnel Kids of the US-Mexican Border"

10th of March, 2000

 Dr Andrea Noble - "If Looks Could Kill: The Politics of Spectatorship in María Candelaria"

16th of December, 1999

Dr Martha Elena Munguia (Trinity College Dublin) - "Una vertiente en la literatura latinoamericana: poética de la solidaridad"


 Mr Bruce Swansey (Mexican Embassy) - "Quevedo y Valle-Inclán: la creación del cuerpo esperpéntico"


 Ms Pernilla Vizard - "Burned in a Sea of Ice and Drowned Amidst a Fire"


 Constance Cortez

10th - 11th of December, 1998

 Dr Nuala Finnegan "Dirty Women: Metaphors of Femininity in Some Later Short Stores by Rosario Castellanos"

2nd of December, 1998

 Ms Pernilla Vizard - "Listening to Silence: Villaurrutia's Exploration of Reality Through Language"

11th of February, 1998

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