May 00 Gordon Brotherstone


[University of Essex]

"Mexico’s Ancient Books and Modern Imagination"

The “códices” or pre-Cortesian books of Mexico constitute a brilliant yet little known chapter of world literature.  Complementing a wealth of inscriptions and sculpture, and in their own right, they offer a direct window on the early culture and civilisation of America.  Together with a number of transcriptions in post-Cortesian and alphabetic texts, they have increasingly served as an unrivalled resource for creativity in the twentieth century, among novelists, poets, artists, cartoonists, muralists, filmmakers and musicians.

Friday, 5 May 2000

4 p.m.

O'Rahilly Building, Rm 1.24

Followed by reception in Rm 1.51

Centre for Mexican Studies

Room 1.51, First Floor - Block B East, O'Rahilly Building, University College Cork Ireland