Staff Profiles

Staff Profiles

International Director

Christopher Brown Photo

Name: Dr. Christopher Brown

Position: Director, International Office

Contact Details:


Deputy International Director

Marita Foster

Name: Marita Foster

Position: Deputy Director International

Contact Details:


Non-EU Undergraduate Admissions

Ciara McKernan

Name: Ciara McKernan

Position: Non-EU Undergraduate Admissions Coordinator

Contact Details:


Marie Riordan

Name: Marie Riordan

Position: Non-EU Undergraduate Admissions Coordinator/Summer School Coordinator

Contact Details:


Ciara McKernan

Name: Zita Riedlova

Position: Non-EU Undergraduate Admissions Executive Assistant/Summer School 2018 Coordinator

Contact Details:


Non-EU Postgraduate Admissions

Gerda Coyne

Name: Kathryn Oakes

Position: Non-EU Postgraduate Executive Assistant 


Grace McHugh

Name: Grace McHugh

Position: Non-EU Business and Law, Medicine and Health Postgraduate Admissions Coordinator

Contact Details:


Name: Anne-Marie Scarry

Position: Non-EU Postgraduate CACSSS, Research and PhD Admissions Coordinator

Contact Details:

  • +353 21 4904729


Name: Gerda Coyne

Position: Non-EU Science, Engineering, and Food Science Postgraduate Admissions Coordinator 

Contact Details:

  • +353 21 4904745

Erasmus & Visiting EU

Clare Murphy

Name: Clare Murphy

Position: Erasmus Coordinator

Contact Details:


Name: Caroline Smyth

Position: Incoming Erasmus and Visiting EU Student Coordinator

Contact Details:


US and Non-EU Visiting Students

Karen  McSweeney

Name: Karen McSweeney

Position: Visiting Student Coordinator

Contact Details:


Name: Mary-Bríd Murphy (currently on leave)

Position: Executive Assistant, Visiting Non-EU Students

Contact Details:
  •  Please email for queries. 


Student Support

Suzanne Buckley

Name: Suzanne Buckley

Position: Support Officer for International Students

Contact Details:



Name: Natalie O'Byrne

Position: Student Support Team 

Contact Details: 


International Recruitment Officers

Emma Connolly

Name: Emma Connolly

Position: International Strategy Officer

Contact Details:


Dr. Christopher Shepard

Name: Dr. Christopher Shepard

Position: International Strategy Officer

Contact Details:


Name: Cliona Maher

Position: Strategy Officer Latin America

Contact Details:


International Recruitment Support


Olivia Frawley Photo

Name: Olivia Frawley

Position: Senior Executive Assistant to International Strategy

Contact Details:


Name: Martha Phelan

Position: Executive Assistant to International Strategy

Contact Details:


International Communications Advisor

Sharon Dillane

Name: Sharon Dillane

Position: International Communications & Marketing Strategy

Contact Details:


 Marketing and Events Coordinators

Gary Hurley

Name: Gary Hurley

Position: Marketing Administrator

Contact Details:



Deirdre Crone

Name: Deirdre Crone

Position: Events Coordinator

Contact Details:


International Office

Oifig Idirnáisiúnta

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