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For full-time founders

Our flagship programme, IGNITE, is a comprehensive start-up incubation programme for founders working full-time on their start-up. The programme is open to recent graduates in any discipline from any 3rd level institution in Ireland. It includes essential workshops and seminars, entrepreneur guest speakers, mentoring with experienced entrepreneurs and business owners, funding and workspace offered on a flexible basis so you get the skills and knowledge, advice and guidance you need when you need it.

And we don’t take equity in your start-up.

We are currently accepting applications to begin IGNITE in October 2024. Application deadline is 26 August. Begin your application below, or register your interest if you'd like to find out more!

Hear from our start-up founders

We present every quarter on our progress to experienced entrepreneurs and the LEO - validating the work that we are doing is really empowering and inspires confidence in what we do.

Ailis Crowley, Founder of FASH Forward

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I needed support and mentorship to help to me build out my idea. The business wouldn't be where it is today without the support of IGNITE.

Danny McEnery, Founder of PrimaHealth

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The biggest thing I found with IGNITE is coming in and being with likeminded people. I was also given the tools in the workshops that just made things easier.

Shannen O'Reilly, Co-founder of TrustDish

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IGNITE has really helped us turned something that was just an idea into a reality. It's a good way of learning if your idea is a viable business.

Elaine Moynihan & Katie McShane, Co-founders of WiseWater Academy

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As part of IGNITE, people have the opportunity to achieve immense growth personally but also for their business.

Elvis Seporaitis, Co-founder of Volta Robotics

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IGNITE supports me and though mentorship and networking, I know a lot of people now in this area and get the chance to share my ideas.

Jerome Pan, Founder of TalentCen

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Clár Gnó Iarchéime IGNITE

Western Gateway Building, University College Cork