IGNITE Awards and Showcase

 Thank you for joining us on Thursday 15 October for the IGNITE Awards & Showcase. If you missed the event, you can catch the replay below.

The event, MC’d by Jonathan Healy, includes:

  • A welcome address by Prof John O’Halloran, Interim President at University College Cork
  • An address by Prof Anita Maguire, Vice President for Research & Innovation at University College Cork
  • A special address by Simon Coveney TD, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Minister for Defence
  • Video pitches by the start-ups of IGNITE12 who are completing the programme
  • Introductions to the start-ups of IGNITE13 and IGNITE14 who are currently on the programme
  • And the announcement of award winners for Best Business, Best Business Plan and Best Pitch by Derek Horgan of Bank of Ireland and Chair of the Adjudication Panel

A huge congratulations to Mark O’Sullivan of Neurobell, winner of the Bank of Ireland/IGNITE Best Business Award and to William Nolan of Addaptiv, winner of the IGNITE Best Business Plan and the IGNITE Best Video Pitch Award.

Contact Details for the nine start-ups are outlined below. 


IGNITE12 Contact Details

You can connect with IGNITE start-ups using the details below.


  1. Addaptiv / William Nolan / wnolan@addaptiv.com / https://www.addaptiv.com/
  2. Author International / Jen Martin / jen@authorinternational.com  / https://authorinternational.com/about/
  3. COMH Health / Conor Organ / conor@getcomh.com / https://getcomh.com/
  4. Indielink / Cian O’Shea / cian@indielink.io / https://www.indielink.io/
  5. Neurobell / Mark O’Sullivan / info@neurobell.com / http://www.neurobell.com
  6. PairShare / Mafalda Hruskova / mafalda@pairshare.info / https://www.pairshare.info/
  7. PowerThru Golf / Aidan Power / aidan@powerthrugolf.com / https://powerthrugolf.com/
  8. Techwalk.io / Alex Thomas / alex@techwalk.io / https://techwalk.io/
  9. Setlist / Jordan Morrison and David Killoughy/ jordan@setlist.ie / https://www.setlist.ie/


For information on the IGNITE13 & IGNITE14 start-ups, email us at: ignite@ucc.ie


Clár Gnó Iarchéime IGNITE

Western Gateway Building, University College Cork