Structural change and development in the Irish Economy, 1958- 2000

The aim of this research project is to trace long term structural change in the Irish economy, in both quantitative and terms since 1922. Themes which will be examined include the influence of both government policy and international economic relations on Irish economic development, with EEC entry in 1973 being considered a significant watershed, the development of specific economic sectors, such as Agriculture, Industry and Services, with a focus on how output from these sectors became tradable internationally and the contribution of factors of production such as financial and human capital to Irish economic development.

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Dr. Raymond Ryan delivered a paper at the UCC History Department seminar, 16 November 2009

Dr. Raymond Ryan delivered a paper, 'Bypassing the Tiger reflecting on Irish economic development,' at the Humanities Serving Irish Society Annual Conference ,held in National University of Ireland Maynooth, 4 February 2010.

 A general survey on Irish economic history since 1922, based on the research project, will be published by Routledge (London) in 2011.

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