The Contribution of Warlordism to the Disintegration of the Western Roman Empire

Description of PhD topic

Jeroen Wijnendaele

* Personal Info

Jeroen Wijnendaele hails from Eastern Flanders in Belgium. During secondary school he studied Greek and Latin at the Lyceum of Zottegem. He received a BA in History (Cum Laude) at Ghent University (2006) and an MA in Ancient history (Magna Cum Laude) at Universit√† di Bologna and Ghent University (2007). Jeroen successfully completed the Ancient Greek Summer school at University College Cork (2007) and won a scholarship to do preliminary PhD research at the Academia Belgia in Rome (Spring 2008).
Jeroen is currently engaged as a PhD candidate in the 'Texts, Contexts & Cultures' program at University College Cork, for which he has also won a scholarship. TCC is a unique interdisciplinary PhD program for Arts and Humanities, organized by UCC, NUI Galway and Trinity College Dublin. Jeroen's research deals with the emergence of Warlordism in the Roman Army and its contribution to the disintegration of the Western Roman army during the 5th Century AD (Supervisor: Dr. David Woods).
Last but not least, Jeroen has been actively engaged in student life. He participated as students' representative at the various boards of Ghent University, served as social secretary on the committee of the Flemish Historical Society and has head editor of the History students' magazine. Since 2009, Jeroen is also secretary of UCC's Medieval & Renaissance Society.

* Research Interests:

- Political and Military History of the Later Roman Empire (AD 337-493)
- Relations between Romans and Barbarians
- The so-called "Great Migrations" and the Germanic Successor Kingdoms
- Warlordism in World History

* Publications:

- Wijnendaele, J.W.P. (2008), "476: Odoacer en de 'val' van het West-Romeinse Rijk", Hermeneus 80 (4): 178-183
- Wijnendaele, J.W.P. (2009), "Bonifatius - Eerste krijgsheer van Rome", Hermeneus 81 (3): 136-141

* Conference papers/Public Recitals:

- "A Warlord's Alliances": The career of Bonifatius, comes Africae, and his Gothic connections (Imbas Conference, NUI Galway, 15.11.09)
-"De Val van Rome: Apocalypse, Transformatie of Storm in een glas water?" (Master seminar Ancient History, Ghent University, 30.11.09)
- "King Arthur: Facts, Film and Fiction" (TCC workshop "Culture and Communication", Universty College Cork, 25.03.10)
- "One Man Against the rest of the World? - The Position of Bonifatius, comes Africae, and the Civil War between the Eastern and Western Roman Empire (AD 424-425)"  (Late Antiquity & Byzantium Workshop, University of Chicago, 14.05.10)

* Associations:

-Associated member of the Roman Society Research Center (Ghent University, Free University of Brussels and University of Kent).

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