Social and Spatial Justice

Social and Spatial Justice


Research in this Cluster focuses on the complex social and spatial structures and processes that produce geographies of inequality, marginalisation, uneven development, privilege and oppression. Our overriding focus is on interrogating social and spatial injustices to promote means of development and ways of living that are socially and ecologically just. This is achieved through both our research and teaching practice. We have a noteworthy reputation for work in migration, food geography, civil society and cities and urbanism. Our research draws on diverse theoretical perspectives and is both historical and contemporary. Research projects within the Cluster are empirically grounded, drawing on qualitative, digital, action-oriented and quantitative methodologies, with the aim of creating knowledge in collaboration with those inside and outside the University. The core members of the cluster include: Therese Kenna, Denis Linehan, Piaras MacEinri, Ray O’Connor and Colin SageMA Geography (Cities, Space & Culture) not running in 2018/2019.


Research Themes

Our work spans four main areas:

Migration & Diversity (MacEinri & Kenna)

Research in this strand is engaged with the broad themes of integration,
multiculturalism and living with difference. Specific research interests include:
migration to and from Ireland; migration to and from EU peripheral Member States;
asylum and refugee issues; the construction of discourses concerning the movement
of peoples from the Global South to the Global North; and increasing diversity in
cities and the geographies of encounter. Current funded project:

Youth mobility: Maximizing opportunities for individuals, labour markets
and regions in Europe (YMOBILITY) (2015-2018)

Principal Investigator: Dr Piaras MacEinri

Funding body: H2020


Cities, Urbanism and the Built Environment
(Linehan & Kenna)

Research interest in this theme include: forms of urban marginality; impacts of
revanchism and neo-liberal policies on the social and urban fabric of the city; the
built environment as a practice, product and performance within the contemporary
city; urban processes and spatial factors that create and recreate social relations
that produce social exclusion; ICTs in urban social life; and methodologies for urban
studies. Our expertise in this area informs the MA Geography (Cities, Space & Culture).

Local, Rural and Community Development
(O’Connor & Sage)‌

This strand engages the tensions that arise between the State and its citizens as a result of the ongoing transformation of the welfare state, privatisation and
sub-contracting of services, and the ‘agenda of alignment’.

Food, environment and society

Work in this strand interrogates the interconnections of food systems, agriculture,
environment and wellbeing, with particular interests in food and nutritional security
and civic initiatives that work to strengthen the resilience of local food systems. ‌

Recent Publications

Journal Articles

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Book Chapters

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Sage, C. (2012) Environment and Food. Oxon: Routledge. ‌ ‌ ‌

Networks and Engagements


COST Action TU1306 (2014-2017)

CyberParks: Fostering knowledge about the relationship between Information and Communication Technologies and Public Spaces supported by strategies to improve their use and attractiveness.

Researcher: Dr Therese Kenna

COST Action TD1106 (2012-2016)

Urban Agriculture Europe.

Researcher: Dr Colin Sage

Event Organisation and Contributions

Kenna, T. (2016) Chair, International Scientific Committee, ‘ICiTy: enhancing places through technology’, International Conference, 18-19 April, University of Malta, Valletta, Malta.

Kenna, T. (2015) International Scientific Committee Member, Inclusive / Exclusive Cities (SINERGI: Social integration through urban growth strategies), 18-19 November, Skopje, Macedonia.

Linehan, D. and Packer, M. (2013) Lost Boys: The Territories of Youth, Exhibition, Cork: Glucksman, UCC.


Public Engagement

Cork Food Policy Council

Dr Colin Sage is Chair of the Cork Food Policy Council: a civil society organisation working with local authorities, statutory and charitable agencies and community groups to build a more sustainable, healthier and socially just food system in the region.


UCC Networks

Dr Colin Sage is co-convenor of the Environmental Citizenship Research Priority Area: Sustainability in Society 


Graduate Students

Current Research Students

Howlett-Southgate, Rosie (2016-2019): From ‘cockroaches’ to campaigns for acceptance: The political geography of forced migration and fear in the Republic of Ireland.

Funding: Government of Ireland Postgraduate Award (Irish Research Council), 2016-2019.
Supervisors: Dr Therese Kenna & Dr Denis Linehan

Kenny, Tara (2015-2018): “Food insecurity, charitable provisioning and policy silence: Taking a rights-based approach to food poverty in Ireland.”
Funding: Government of Ireland Postgraduate Award (Irish Research Council), 2016-2019.
Supervisors: Dr Colin Sage & Dr Therese Kenna

McKeever, Orla (2015-2020; Part-time): “Thresholds and the City.”
Supervisors: Prof Kevin McCartney (Centre for Architectural Education, UCC) & Dr Denis Linehan

O’Reilly, Anthony (2016-2019): “Geographies of Encounter: A critical analysis of the assemblage of social encounter and its relationship with ICT’s using public transport as a case study.”
Funding: CACSSS PhD Excellence Scholarship, 2016-2019.
Supervisors: Dr Therese Kenna & Dr Denis Linehan

Quinn, Shauna (2016-2019): “Bodies and the City.”
Supervisors: Dr Denis Linehan & Dr Therese Kenna

Recently Completed PhDs

Van Lanen, Sander (2013-2017): “Young and Insecure: Precarization and the Lifeworld of Young Urban Adults in Ireland.”
Supervisors: Dr Denis Linehan & Dr Therese Kenna


O’Connor, Sinead (2016): “The Geographies of Encounter: Investigating the Spatiality and Construction of ‘Meaningful’ Encounters with Difference through the experiences of International Students at University College Cork, Ireland.”
Supervisors: Dr Therese Kenna & Dr Piaras MacEinri

Scollick, Andrew (2016): “Building resilience for social-ecological sustainability in Atlantic Europe.”
Supervisor: Dr Colin Sage

Kelleher, Fiona (2014): “Place, Teenagers and Urban Identities: A New Social Geography of Young People in Cork.”
Supervisor: Dr Denis Linehan

Harold, Gill (2012): “Deafness, difference and the city: geographies of urban difference and the right to the deaf city.”
Supervisor: Dr Denis Linehan

Mansfield, Claire (2011): “Social sustainability and the city: an investigation into the environmental geographies of two neighbourhoods in Cork.”
Supervisor: Dr Denis Linehan

Department of Geography


University College Cork, Cork