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Seminar Series to take place in Autumn 2018

20 Sep 2018

When: Wednesday 3rd October, 4-5pm
Location: Geography Library
Presenters: Dr Colin Sage, University College Cork
Title: The global food system, nitrogen and the metabolic rift: Farming – and eating – within planetary boundaries.

Abstract: There are rising environmental concerns at the contribution of industrialised food production systems to land use change, loss of biodiversity and climate change.  A further, less well-known problem has been disruption of the global biogeochemical cycles of nitrogen, a process significantly increased by the rising appetite for meat. Using the notion of metabolic rift the presentation will examine the disruptive effects of food consumption with a high N content and the need for dietary transition to live within planetary boundaries.


Other Seminars to take place

When: Wednesday 17th October, 4-5pm
Location: Geography Library
Presenters: Dr Jodie Asselin, University of Lethbridge, Canada.
Title: Meaning and Perception in Rural Landscapes: multi-land use challenges in rural Ireland and Canada

When: Wednesday 24th October, 4-5pm
Location: Geography Library
Presenter: Mr Diarmuid Crowley
Title: The River in the Forest: Conservation Conflict in the Gearagh, County Cork.

When: Thursday 15th November, 4-5pm
Location: Geography Library
Presenter: Dr Denis Linehan, University College Cork
Title: Road Works: Affective Infrastructures and the Urbanization of Imagination in Nairobi.

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