Digital Cultures, New Media & Cultural Analytics

Digital Cultures, New Media & Cultural Analytics provides an interdisciplinary space for scholars and practitioners across the arts and humanities to engage in an exchange of theories, methods, traditions, and perspectives on “the digital” in culture and society.

This cluster will be of particular interest to scholars and practitioners whose work is concerned with the ways in which contemporary culture is increasingly mediated through and dictated by software systems and digital platforms; computers and the changing nature of art and language; and the influence and application of data, information, and quantitative methods in the wider arts and humanities.

In addition to facilitating interdisciplinary discussions and research collaborations, and maintaining its own initiatives, a key tenet of Digital Cultures, New Media & Cultural Analytics is amplifying the work of scholars, practitioners and students across CACSSS, UCC and the wider community. Anyone engaged with a project that may be of relevance to the cluster is invited to forward details of their work for dissemination across this network.

This cluster is convened by Dr James O’Sullivan, School of English & Digital Humanities:

Scholars and practitioners interested in participating in the Digital Cultures, New Media & Cultural Analytics are welcome to subscribe and contribute to UCC's DAH-L mailing list:

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