Irish Centre for Galician Studies

Since its creation in 1998, the Irish Centre for Galician Studies at University College Cork is the only centre in the island of Ireland for teaching, learning and research in the field of Galician Studies. It is part of a network of more than thirty centres based at universities all over the world and constitutes an environment that fosters research of a very high standard. Currently a dynamic team of researchers and teachers at different career stages actively contribute to the Centre’s research objectives. As well as providing teaching and learning of Galician language and culture at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels thanks to the work of a designated lector/a, recent research projects have been developed on themes that range from Linguistics to Translation Studies, from Literature to Cultural History.
Research outputs include the production of a significant number of academic and creative publications, as well as the completion of several PhD, MRes and MA dissertations in different areas of Galician Studies. The Centre also thrives in the organisation of research-related events, with particular emphasis on conferences, symposia and research seminars, but also on other forms of engagement with the community, both at UCC and beyond, such as book clubs, poetry readings, public lectures, film screenings and performances.
Director, Irish Centre for Galician Studies Dr Martín Veiga

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