Computers & Culture

Computers & Culture (ISSN 2990-8000) is an interdisciplinary digital pamphlet featuring short essays and notes of relevance to the Future Humanities Institute's Digital Cultures, New Media, & Cultural Analytics research cluster.

Submissions are welcome from across all disciplinary perspectives, and suitable topics include, but are not limited to, the ways in which contemporary culture and society are increasingly mediated through and dictated by software systems and digital platforms; computers and the changing nature of expression, communication, and language; digital art and performance; humanity, posthumanism, and the self in this age of machines; and the influence and application of data, information, and quantitative methods in the wider arts, humanities, and social sciences.

Rather than full-length research articles which would be better suited to peer-reviewed journals and book publications, Computers & Culture provides a space for shorter scholarly provocations, position papers and opinion pieces, practice-centred essays, research notes, brief accounts of projects or experiments, and book or project reviews.

Computers & Culture is open to submissions from any individual or research team, but is particularly pleased to receive work that represents the research and thinking of staff associated with University College Cork, as well as those affiliated with UCC through collaborations, initiatives, and projects. Students are welcome to submit, but should only be encouraged to do so when their work might be reasonably considered to merit publication.

Brief reviews are carried out by a small editorial board.

Potential contributors are welcome to discuss possibilities with the editor, Dr James O'Sullivan:

The submission window remains open year-round, with issues published on a rolling basis dependent on a sufficient number of high-quality contributions having been received.

Computers & Culture is indexed in several major bibliographies and directories.

Submission guidelines

  1. Submissions should be appropriately framed by relevant scholarly contexts and the state-of-the-art, but, where possible, should also appeal to a general audience.
  2. Submissions should be a maximum of 3,000 words (this is not inclusive of notes and references). There is no advisory on the minimum length of submissions.
  3. If using notes, footnotes are preferred to endnotes.
  4. References should be in the Chicago (author-date) citation style. Reference lists should only include in-text citations and should not act as bibliographies.
  5. Submissions should be sent in .docx format only.
  6. Submissions should be sent by e-mail to



Published issues of Computers & Culture are deposited to the Cork Open Research Archive (CORA) under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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