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sombre / vox ghost tongue | Research seminar | 7 February

30 Jan 2019

Seminar by Prof. Yasser Elhariry (Dartmouth College)

ORB 1.24 | Thursday February 7 | 4 p.m


Taking its cue from the title of Ryoko Sekiguchi’s La Voix sombre (P.O.L, 2015), this talk offers a close reading of the polysemia of the French word sombre by way of an overview of theories and practices of listening. It alternates between transhistorical intertextual silences and vocalizations, and close readings of poetry by Sekiguchi, Luc Bénazet, and Christophe Tarkos, interweaving them in the process with a pop cultural landscape composed of the hauntings of memory and the unlocatability of the sound object. Trailing throughout this soundfield are all manners and shadows of ghost: the talk closes with late perfomer-poet Tarkos’s very first public appearance at cipM on 14 May 1993.

Department of French

Room 1.22 Block A, First Floor, O'Rahilly Building, University College Cork