MA in Translation Studies 2018

9 Apr 2018

Students who graduated in the MA in Translation Studies with French

8 students graduated in the MA in Translation Studies with French: Karen Long MATS (French), Mairead Jones MATS (French/German), Liam Kennedy MATS (French), Dr Angela Ryan (Course Director), Professor Chris Williams (Head of CACSSS), Patrick O'Callaghan (French/German), Rhonwen Evans MATS (French) and Jade Delicato MATS (French/Italian) .  Sonia Broderick MATS (French/German) and Sorcha O'Boyle MATS (French/Italian) graduated in absentia.

Dr Angela Ryan expressed pleasure at the results and said "I started this MA some years ago in order to give our graduates professional skills which would help them form careers - practical interpreting and translation, but also project-management mindsets and methods which a wide range of employers will appreciate. Margot Spencer and I are delighted that three of these graduates are already employed (in an EU internship, a translation agency, and as a freelance translator). They have all worked hard and done well, and will make excellent professionals".

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