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Welcome to Milk Science and Technology group (MiST)

The research activities of our team are focused on four main platforms, physiochemical properties of milk and dairy ingredients, dairy formulation development and processing, dairy enzymes mechanisms and functionality, human milk.

MiST Research Group activities

Research Project Project Detail
Dairy Emulsion

Title: Development of model emulsion systems based on specific fat blends for specific application systems.

Key words: Milk fat globule, MFGM, dairy emulsion stability,

Researcher: Patrycja Zakrys-Waliwander (Post-Doc)

Funder: Industry partner

Project duration: 2020-2022

Protein Chemistry Interactions MiST UCC

Title: Coacervation and interactions of milk proteins

Key words: protein chemistry, protein-protein interactions, coacervation

Researcher: Jasper Melle van der Schaaf (PhD student)

Funder: Industry partner


Project duration: 2019-2023

Title: Suitability of manufacture of cheeses using micellar casein concentrate and comparison of chymosins in the production and ripening of Cheddar cheese

Key words: Camel chymosin, micellar casein concentrate, cheese proteolysis, cheese functionality

Researcher: Bozhao Li (PhD student)

Funder: DAFM

Project duration: 2017-2022

Casein MiST UCC

Title: To investigate the ability of dairy protein modification using transglutaminase and its potential uses in dairy food applications

Key words: Casein, dairy proteins, rennet coagulation, enzymes

Researcher: Naomi Helen (MSc student)

Funder: Industry partner

Project duration: 2019-2021

3D Imaging MiST UCC

Title: Technology, engineering and consumer science aspects of 3D food printing

Key words: 3D food printing, dairy ingredients, rheology, consumer acceptance

Researcher: Megan Ross (PhD student)

Funder: Lauritzon Fundation

Project duration: 2017 - 2021

Milk Protein Genotype MiST UCC

Title: Impact of milk protein genotypes on milk composition and processability


Key words: Milk protein genotype, physio-chemical property, functionality, dairy product processing

Researcher: Nan Gai (Nikki) (PhD student)

Funder: Industry partner

Project duration: 2019-2023

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