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Dave Waldron


Dave Waldron has an MSc in Food Chemistry, which focussed on quality aspects of Cheddar cheese, having graduated from UCC with a BSc in Physiology and Higher Diploma in Applied Science. He has completed a Diploma in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education further enabling his passion for teaching in the context of science and production.

Since 1998, as Senior Technical Officer, he has been responsible for undergraduate practical training in the dairy processing facility in UCC. He provides research assistance and technical guidance to postgraduates and industrial partners in the areas of milk testing and processing, separation techniques, thermal treatments, fermented and dried dairy products.

As a lecturer with the Food Industry Training Unit, he has been involved in the development and delivery of bespoke continuous professional development courses in dairy science and technology since 2010. He also provides technical support for practical elements of a range of specialised industry courses in the areas of milk processing, ice cream, butter and thermal processing.

School of Food and Nutritional Sciences

School of Food and Nutritional Sciences, Room 240 Food Science Building, University College, Cork