Burrishoole Ecosystem Observatory

BEYOND 2020 (Burrishoole Ecosystem Observatory Network 2020 – Using next generation science and technology to inform ecosystem response to environmental change)


The Burrishoole catchment is recognised as an international index site for diadromous fish (fish that spend part of their lives in freshwater and part of their lives in saltwater).  The catchment is a world leader in the use of in-situ automated monitoring systems to track changes in freshwater systems.

We are in a unique position to build upon years of existing biological and sensor monitoring.  This will be achieved using next generation science and technologies to further inform how ecosystems respond to environmental change.  A multi-Institute and multi-disciplinary research cluster will bring about the Burrishoole Ecosystem Observatory Network BEYOND 2020 to life.

BEYOND 2020 will be at the forefront of new and innovative science which will be able to maximise and enhance our current capabilities.  We propose a variety of ways to do this:

  • using high frequency monitoring data to understand and predict the response of lakes and rivers to changing climate and land-use.
  • undertaking new aerial observations using drone and satellite technology to inform marine-freshwater links.
  • harnessing so called ‘omic-science’ (genomics, proteomics, metabolomics) to understand, predict and communicate the role and response of aquatic ecosystems in a changing global environment.

In addition, this interdisciplinary cluster will train five postgraduate and three post-doctoral researchers in cutting edge technologies, building capacity and ensuring the place of the Burrishoole Ecosystem Observatory Network at the forefront of national, regional and global network science in the coming decades.

Fish Eye Research Group