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PhD projects

The biology of farmed Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) in the wild.

Sarah Ryan

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Genotype and phenotype mapping of the three-spined sticklebacks in the Burrishoole system

Floriane Leseur

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Genetic basis of alternative migratory tactics in brown trout

Robert Wynne

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Adaptive capacity and resilience of hybridised populations in a changing world: interactions between wild and domesticated Atlantic salmon.

Ronan O'Sullivan

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Gut microbiome, parasite and metabolism of the European Eel

Michele De Noia

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Salmon microbiome in the wild

Patrick Schaal

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Biodiversity conservation and restoration in the Wild Nephin National Park

Colin Guilfoyle

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SalmoSim: Exploring the microbial basis of Atlantic Salmon energetics via a synthetic intestinal system.

Raminta Kazlauskaite

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The effects of proximate factors on alternative migratory tactics in brown trout.

Dr Louise Claire Archer (completed)

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The gut microbiota of Atlantic salmon and its interaction with host metabolism

Dr Eleanor Lindsay (completed)

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