The mitigation process exists to support you if you encounter unexpected circumstances that impact on your ability to prepare for, or to sit, an examination.  

In this academic year, COVID-19 has significantly impacted students and student life. UCC recognises this and has ensured that the potential impacts of COVID-19 have been included in the certified grounds for mitigation.

Additional No Academic Disadvantage measures 

  • These have been reinstated to facailitate those students who cannot attempt their online examination or its alternative to DEFER or RE-SIT to the Supplemental Examination (Autumn) session.

Re-sit Examinations

A Re-sit examination is taken by those students who have passed a module during the academic year and who wish to re-sit in an attempt to achieve a higher mark. It is taken at the Supplemental Examination (autumn) session and will (i) assess all of the module Learning Outcomes, (ii) fulfil all academic requirements of the module and (iii) constitute 100% of the module marks. Marks achieved at a re-sit will not be capped, nor is there a fee. If a student’s resit mark is lower than the original mark achieved, the higher mark from the two attempts will stand. 

  • Applications to re-sit a module must be submitted by 5pm on Thursday 1st July 2021 (see: For most programmes, the final approved examination results will be released after the summer examination sessions have concluded.

  • You cannot apply to re-sit a module until after your combined results for Semesters 1&2 are released in May/June.


Please note: The application deadline to defer Semester 1 & 2 modules has now passed.

Upcoming deadlines for submission of examination deferral applications are as follows:

Spring 2021 examinations Monday 1st March 2021
Final Medical examinations Monday 12th April 2021
Summer 2021 examinations Friday 23rd April 2021
Autumn 2021 FIRST ATTEMPT examinations Monday 19th July 2021
Dissertations (taught Masters) Monday 6th September 2021


  • Applications to defer an examination where a submission has already been made will not be considered.
  • Applications for a partial deferral will be considered in exceptional cases only.
  • You may apply to defer an examination/thesis online using the Deferral Application form 2021. Applications will be processed as quickly as possible, but no later than 15 working days following submission of the application form.

If COVID-19 has had a substantive effect on your preparation for examinations, or impacts your ability to sit an examination/assessment, please ensure you access the appropriate supports in the first instance and, where appropriate, engage with the mitigation process.

Please ensure you follow public health guidelines at all times. In particular, do not attend UCC for any reason if you have been advised to restrict your movements or to self-isolate, or if you are a close contact of a suspected/confirmed COVID-19 case.



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