Life in Cork

Life in Cork

shandonSet in the lush green picturesque Irish city of Cork in the south-eastern part of Ireland, UCC places amongst the leading international world universities (See QS World University Rankings) with almost 20,000 students including some 2,800 international students adorning the campus with a vibrant mix of intellect and culture. UCC has strong research programs across the campus including medical and dental schools and the Tyndall National Institute. Cork is the second largest city in Ireland with San Francisco named as sister city. In 2005, Cork was the European City of Culture. The UCC campus is located within walking distance of the city center and the river Lee flows through the city with the hills as a backdrop. The city boasts all the amenities of a modern European city including shopping and entertainment venues. Cork hosts its Film Festival in early October and the Jazz Festival at the end of October.  The weather in Cork is mild with moderate temperatures in all seasons. Light rain and sunshine go hand-in-hand providing both an occasion for a hot tea or a visit to the seaside. Student housing is available around the campus area and a campus is interconnected with the local Cork bus service. The modern campus center provides a focal point for campus activities and the Boole library is an excellent setting for viewing works across the spectrum of arts, sciences, and engineering. Indeed, UCC provides a central hub for a student of all ages to come enjoy an academic experience and be part of the Irish life.

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