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UCC Sanctuary Scholarships

The scholarship application form is now available online - see below. Seven Sanctuary scholarships are available for asylum seeker and refugee students wishing to pursue an undergraduate course in UCC from September 2018.

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Eligibility Criteria

Applicants (1) must be under 23 years of age on 1st January 2018; (2) Be an asylum seeker or a programme refugee who is not eligible for the Free Fees scheme (3) Apply through to the CAO by May 1st 2018 for undergraduate courses in UCC using a valid FETAC or Leaving Certificate route (international school leaver qualifications may also be considered) (4) Meet the entry requirements for their chosen undergraduate course (5) Apply for a Sanctuary Scholarship by June 29th 2018. For further details please contact

Application Process

  1. The scholarship application form is now available online at [NB Only online applications will be accepted.]
  2. You should ask for help from your academic mentor with Section 8 of the form - the personal statements.  If you have not been assigned an academic mentor by UCC, please complete and submit the Pre-application Forms below to and one will be assigned to you.
  3. It would be best to send your draft personal statements via email to your mentor, and to finalise your statements before copying them into the form for final submission by closing date June 29th.


General information:


Please note that your application won't be disadvantaged if the UCC course discussed in your personal statements is not the UCC course you are offered in the end. Any personal statements about coming to UCC should focus on your first preference UCC course, and not on other UCC courses you have applied for. Application marks will be awarded and checked by members of the Sanctuary Scholarship Committee.


If you have any questions please email

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Unit