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SafeWAVE: Streamlining the Assessment of Environmental Effects of Wave energy

European Maritime and Fisheries Fund EMFF-OM-2019

Partner | Oct 2020 – Nov 2023 | UCC Budget: €229,720

UCC Principal Investigator: Prof Gregorio Iglesias | Co-investigators: Dr Anne Marie O'Hagan, Dr Niall Dunphy  

SafeWAVE aims to overcome non-technological barriers to marine renewable energy - specifically develop strategies focused on: (i) Environmental research demonstration (ii) Consenting and planning; and (iii) Education and public engagement. The project will work to the improve knowledge on the environmental effects and risks of wave energy through the collection, processing, analysis and sharing of environmental data around devices operating at sea and modelling of cumulative impacts of future larger scale deployments. This knowledge will better inform decision-makers and on environmental risks, reduce environmental consenting uncertainty, the development of country-specific licensing guidance and suitability maps for wave energy developments for most of the EU countries in the Atlantic Arch. The project will work collaboratively with coastal communities to co-develop and demonstrate a framework for education and public engagement of marine renewable energy.

Further information is available from the project web site

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Co-funded by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund

Cleaner Production Promotion Unit

G.03 Environmental Research Institute, University College Cork, Lee Road, Cork T23 XE10, Ireland