head shot of Niall Dunphy
Niall Dunphy BSc (Env Sc), MSc (Government), PhD
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Dr Niall Dunphy is the Director of the Cleaner Production Promotion Unit, a multi-disciplinary research centre of the School of Engineering, University College Cork. Niall is an environmental social scientist with a background in the natural sciences. He leads a team encompassing a diverse range of disciplines, working on the human aspects of sustainability, with a particular emphasis on people’s relationship with energy and the energy system. More information can be found in his Research Profile.


Photograph of Theresa Carthy

Theresa Carthy

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Photograph of Ger Mullally

Ger Mullally BA,  MA, PhD
Associate Principal Investigator
Lecturer, Department of Sociology
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Dr Gerard Mullally is a lecturer in the Department of Sociology, University College Cork, where he specialises on sociology of the environment, sustainability, climate and energy. His research interests include: public participation in sustainability transitions, climate change communication and Education for Sustainability. More information can be found in his Research Profile.

Photograph of Breffni Lennon
Breffní Lennon BA, MA (Res), PhD
Senior Postdoctoral Researcher
Human Geography
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Dr Breffní Lennon is a Senior Postdoctoral researcher working on the EnergyPOLITIES project (SEAI 2018-21). He is a human geographer researching the social and economic dimensions to the energy transition, in particular renewable energy, along with wider sustainability issues concerning long-term community engagement. More information can be found in his Research Profile.



photograph of Dr Alexandra Revez

Alexandra Revez BA, MA, PhD
Senior Postdoctoral Researcher
Human Geography
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Dr Alexandra Revez is a Senior Postdoctoral researcher working on the Imagining 2050 project (EPA, 2018-20). Her work has concentrated on key public participation issues linked to environmental, disaster management and social care policy. This has involved collaborative engagements among communities to re-imagine local services, give voice to different community groups and address the diverse range of needs and expectations from specific socio-demographic and economic backgrounds. 
photograph of Dr Christine Gaffney
Christine Gaffney BA, MA, PhD
Research Associate
Gender Theory
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Lauren Quinlivan BSc
Research Support Officer
Campus Climate Action Project
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Cleaner Production Promotion Unit

G1 Civil Engineering Building, School of Engineering, University College Cork, College Road, Cork T12 K8AF, Ireland.