Photograph of Niall Dunphy

Niall Dunphy BSc, MSc (Gov), PhD
Director & Principal Investigator
Senior Research Fellow, School of Engineering and Architecture and Environmental Research Institute

Dr Niall Dunphy is an experienced cross-disciplinary sustainability researcher with training and expertise in the natural sciences, social and political sciences, and engineering domains. Niall is the Director of the Cleaner Production Promotion Unit, which conducts engaged research centred on the theme of society, sustainability and energy. He leads a multidisciplinary team researching a variety of human-centric sustainability topics, with a particular emphasis on people’s relationship with energy and the energy system. Niall has been Coordinator and Principal Investigator of numerous EU- and national-funded research projects, further details of which can be found in his  Research Profile.


Photograph of Ger Mullally

Gerard Mullally BA,  MA, PhD
Associate & Principal Investigator
Lecturer and Deputy Head of Department of Sociology & Criminology

Dr Gerard Mullally is a lecturer in the Department of Sociology & Criminology, University College Cork, where he specialises on sociology of the environment, sustainability, climate and energy. His research interests include: public participation in sustainability transitions, climate change communication and Education for Sustainability. He is principal investigator of the innovative Imagining 2050 project, exploring and co-developing visions of, and pathways to, low-carbon futures. More information can be found in his Research Profile.

Photograph of Breffni Lennon

Breffní Lennon BA, MA (Res), PhD
Research Fellow & Principal Investigator
Human Geography
Dr Breffní Lennon is a Research Fellow within CPPU, which he joined in 2015. He works across the group's research programme contributing to many of the research projects, and is co-principal investigator on the ACCEPT and EnergyMeasures projects. Breffní is a human geographer researching the social and economic dimensions to the energy transition, in particular renewable energy, along with wider sustainability issues concerning long-term community engagement. More information can be found in his  Research Profile.

photograph of Dr Alexandra Revez

Alexandra Revez BA, MA, PhD
Research Fellow
Human Geography
Dr Alexandra Revez is a research fellow primarily based within the MaREI SFI research centre on Energy climate and the Marine, where she works on a variety of projects focused on public participation issues linked to energy and sustainability. Alexandra originally joined CPPU in 2016 to work on the ENTRUST project (H2020, 2012-15), and subsequently on the Imagining 2050 project (EPA, 2018-21) both of which involved innovative engagements of the public around energy. She maintains her link with CPPU, where she is currently contributing to the ENCLUDE project (H2020, 2021-24) exploring energy citizenship; and to work on the IEA UsersTCP 'Empowering all: Gender in policy and implementation for achieving transitions to sustainable energy'

Photograph of Lauren Quinlivan
Lauren Quinlivan BSc, MSc
Research Support Officer
Lauren Quinlivan is a research support officer at CPPU, which she joined in 2019. A natual scientist by training, Lauren's work was initially focused on an initiative to quantify, and start a process towards reducing, the university's climate impact (B&EO, 2019-20). More recently she has being providing research support and undertaking research across a number of projects, particularly contributing to the REALISE (H2020, 2020-23) and ACCEPT (H2020, 2021-24) projects. 

Photograph of Dr Paola Velasco-Herrejón
Paola Velasco-Herrejón BA, MA, PhD
Postdoctoral Researcher
Development and Energy Justice

Dr Velasco-Herrejón is a post-doctoral researcher at CPPU working across a range of projects, including: EnergyPolities exploring energy-related social mobilisation (SEAI, 2018-22); REALISE examing public engagement around CCUS (H2020, 2020-23); and EnergyMeasures, supporting energy poor households (2020-24). Paola's research focuses on education and public engagement in environmental decision-making, particularly renewable energy, along with wider sustainability, energy justice, and community participation issues.

Photograph of Dr Peter Deeney
Peter Deeney BD, MSc, PhD
Senior Postdoctoral Researcher & Principal Investigator
Dr Peter Deeney is a senior post-doctoral researcher at CPPU where he contributes from an economics and socio-economic perspective. Peter is the principal investigator of the Wind Value project (IRC Pathfinder, 2022-26), which aims to determine value of existing wind farms as they approach their end-of-life, helping owners to decide between re-powering, life extension and decommissioning. He also contributes to X-ROTOR an H2020 funded project, which is concerned with assessing and maximising the social, economic and environmental benefit of novel off-shore wind turbine blades.more information can be found on his  website.

Photograph of Dr Aaron Luke Smith
Aaron 'Luke' Smith BA, MPA, PhD
Postdoctoral Researcher
Energy and Environmental Policy
Dr A. Luke Smith is a post-doctoral researcher who is working on the SafeWAVE project funded under the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund. He joined UCC from the University of Delaware, where he undertook his doctoral research on the topic 'Equ alizing Power: Ireland and the Rapid Transition to a Sustainable Energy Future for Europe'. Luke's current work within SafeWAVE involves the development of a framework for education and public enagement around marine projects, and particularly wave energy.

Postgraduate Students

Claudia Hihetah (PhD Student, Government and Politics, UCC)

  • ERBE: Energy Resilience in the Built Environment Centre for Doctoral Training
  • Research topic: Developing effective policy responses to address energy poverty and increase energy justice.
  • Supervisors: Dr Clodagh Harris, Dr Niall Dunphy, Prof. Brian Ó Gallachóir

Karla Santos (PhD Student, Sociology & Criminology, UCC)

  • ERBE: Energy Resilience in the Built Environment Centre for Doctoral Training
  • Research topic: Societal engagement methods focussing on improving the resilience of low-income households.
  • Supervisors: Dr Gerard Mullally, Dr Niall Dunphy

Elizabeth Creed (Phd Student, Sociology & Crimology, UCC)

  • Support Tools for Community Energy
  • Researcg topic: Community renewable energy: support tools for energy citizens and community
  • Supervisors: Dr Gerard Mullally, Dr Niall Dunphy

Angela Nagle (PhD Student, Civil Engineering, UCC)

  • Re-Wind: Reuse and Recycling of Decommissioned Composite Material Wind Turbine Blades
  • Research topic: Life-Cycle Analysis of end-of-life options for wind turbine blades.
  • Supervisors: Dr Paul Leahy, Dr Niall Dunphy; Advisor: Dr Gerard Mullally

Fergal Gough (PhD Student, Sociology & Criminology, UCC)

  • Re-Wind: Reuse and Recycling of Decommissioned Composite Material Wind Turbine Blades
  • Research topic: Community dimensions of reuse and recycling of end-of-life wind turbine blades.
  • Supervisors: Dr Gerard Mullally, Dr Paul Leahy; Advisor: Dr Niall Dunphy

Heloisa Lemmertz (PhD Student, Sociology & Criminology, UCC)

  • Re-Wind: Reuse and Recycling of Decommissioned Composite Material Wind Turbine Blades
  • Research topic: Sustainable business modes for the reuse and recycling of end-of-life wind turbine blades
  • Supervisors: Dr Gerard Mullally, Dr Niall Dunphy; Advisor: Dr Paul Leahy

Cleaner Production Promotion Unit

G.03 Environmental Research Institute, University College Cork, Lee Road, Cork T23 XE10, Ireland