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Carbon Neutral Buildings

CNBP: Carbon Neutral Buildings Project

Philanthropic funding through Cork University Foundation

Partner | 2009 – 2014 | UCC Budget: €500,000 

UCC Principal Investigator: Dr Dominic O'Sullivan, Co-investigators: Prof Dr.-Ing. habil. Karsten Menzel, Ms Aveen Henry

The Carbon Neutral Buildings Project was a multi-strand study in which CPPU collaborated with two other research groups within Civil Engineering, UCC. The project was concerned with the exploration of business, technical and technological strategies for carbon-neutral building businesses. The project involved: ex ante measurement and computer modeling of the performance of three demonstration buildings; Identification and invention of energy retrofit solutions; multidimensional lifecycle evaluation of alternatives; and ex post evaluation of each building. Parallel and complementary to this work a review was undertaken of the policy context for carbon neutral renovations to identify potential policy barriers.

Cleaner Production Promotion Unit

G.03 Environmental Research Institute, University College Cork, Lee Road, Cork T23 XE10, Ireland