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How much of our behaviour is influenced by our genes?

12 Sep 2012

How much of our behaviour is influenced by our genes? UCC Neuroscientist publishes book on Behavioural Neurogenetics

From autism to schizophrenia there is a growing question as to how much of our behaviour is influenced by our genes? The field of behavioural neurogenetics has developed significantly over the past two decades. Prof. John F. Cryan, Head of the Dept. Anatomy and Neuroscience and Principal Investigator in the Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre at UCC together with Prof. Andreas Reif from Univ. Wurzburg, Germany has published a key book on the current state of the art of this very dynamic field of research (Behavioural Neurogenetics, Springer, 2012).  

This book covers a wide array of topics relevant to behavioural genetics from both a preclinical and clinical standpoint. Indeed in juxtaposing both areas of research the reader will appreciate the true translational nature of the field. Topics covered range from technical advances in genetic analysis in humans and animals to specific descriptions of advances in schizophrenia, attention disorders,depression and anxiety disorders, autism, aggression, neurodegeneration andneurodevelopmental disorders. The importance of gene-environment interactions is emphasised and the role of neuroimaging in unravelling the functional consequences of genetic variability described. This volume will be valued by both the basic scientist and clinician alike who may use it as a detailed reference book. It will also be of use to the novice to the field, to whom it will serve as an in-depth introduction to this exciting area of research.

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