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2014 BSc Neuroscience Class with Professor Cryan (left) and Dr Aideen Sullivan (right)


Undergraduate BSc Courses

BSc. Neuroscience

The BSc Neuroscience is an interdisciplinary degree. The course is organised by the Department of Anatomy with significant contributions from a number of other Departments.

The course covers the structural organisation, structure function relationships and development of the nervous system in the context of the human body as a whole.

It is a rapidly expanding field of study and this course is intended to provide graduates with a thorough basic training in this area of ever increasing importance.

For further information contact  Dr Aideen Sullivan Department of Anatomy UCC


Neuroscience BSc Brochure (6,974kB)



Cork NeuroScience CNS Centre - Integrating Clinical and Basic Research

Cork NeuroScien floor,