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Our People

Multidisciplinary Team
The Cork NeuroScience (CNS) Centre is a cohesive multidisciplinary team of scientists, clinician scientists and clinician prinicipal investigators working together to maximise collaborative strengths and accelerate discovery in Neuroscience. Our team of people are the life blood of our centre and unite the expertise and talents of principal investigators from diverse backgrounds including: pharmacology, psychiatry, biochemistry/cell and molecular biology; gerontology, neurogastroenterology, neurology, nanotechnology, anatomy, psychology and more.

Maximising research education and outreach in Neuroscience

Our unique team work together with a shared vision and passion and have created a truly multidisciplinary environment that is maximising research, education, outreach, and technological advances in neuroscience with our national and international collaborators and industrial partners. Our CNS centre currently consists of 30 primary academic and clinical scientist principal investigators with 9 affiliated principal investigators contributing new technologies and expertise in complementary innovative areas. Our total research staff of approximately 120 researchers includes post-graduate PhD, MD and MSc students, post-doctoral fellows, research assistants, technician and administrative staff.


Cork NeuroScience CNS Centre - Integrating Clinical and Basic Research

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